Find a hotel for your weekend stay on Bornholm

On Bornholm you can find different types of hotels, all of which in their own way can create the perfect setting for a successful and cosy mini-holiday. Here we have handpicked the hotels we think are particularly suitable for a weekend stay.

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Package deals for your weekend on Bornholm

Make your holiday planning easy and book a complete package deal to Bornholm through us. 

We offer several package deals, specifically made for you who want to spend a weekend on Bornholm. All our package deals includes accommodation and a return ferry ticket, and some of the packages also include lovely experiences.

Kvinde kigger ud over vandet fra udkigspost ved Bornholms Kunstmuseum


Experience the Sunshine Island over a weekend: Here is what to do

A weekend on Bornholm can consist of exaclty what you enjoy the most - whether that be nature experiences, gastronomy, art or culture. We have loads of great tips on what to do when you visit Bornholm during a weekend:

  • Enjoy a refreshing walk around Hammerknuden.
  • Explore local crafts at Grønbechs Gård.
  • Taste the local cuisine at the island's best restaurants.
  • Go explore the cannon positions in Dueodde.
  • Get up close and personal with the rocky cliffs at Helligdomsklipperne.
  • Visit specialists shops and taste delicacies in Gudhjem and Svaneke.

In our guide 48 hours on Bornholm, we have gathered even more experiences, eateries and hotels you can't miss out on while visiting Bornholm over a weekend.

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Weekend on Bornholm with the family

Bring your family along for an extended weekend on Bornholm filled with great experiences for both young and old.

Here we have collected some of the accommodations that are particularly suitable for a family holiday.

Inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm

Explore the extraordinary scenery around Hammerknuden and Dueodde, deep dive into culture and history with a visit to Hammershus and the canons, or try the local produce at one of the island's many superb restaurants. Maybe you want to do something entirely else? Bornholm is jam-packed with experiences for everyone - regardless of passion, age, and levels of activity.

We tell the latest stories of Bornholm and give you tips and guides for your next holiday.