It can be quite hectic when the whole family goes on holiday. On Bornholm there's lots to do and new holiday memories are lined up. We've put together a list of some of our favourite places on the island - everything from bathing places, and experiences, to cozy restaurants. 

Some of the experiences are free of charge, while others require entry fees. However, they all share one thing in common - they are all intended for the whole family, regardless of age. 


Child-friendly bathing spots on Bornholm

When on vacation with family, few things outdo a day on the beach. The children can play by the bank while the grown-ups enjoy a day in the sun, instilled with peace and quiet. A visit to the beach also brings with it a whole lot of activities to explore together, children and grown-ups alike. 

Bornholm offers plenty of swimspots, see our favourites here. However, not all of them are suited to kids. Some spots get really deep very fast, others have a strong current, and some are hit by strong waves from the ferries. Below you'll find our picks for the best beaches available for the family with small children.

Balka strand, Balka

The locals on eastern Bornholm come here when they feel like a day on the beach. It's a favourite especially for families with small kids which becomes clear when you step onto the beach itself. The sand is smooth and the water is clear. For older children and adults, Balka offers a whole bunch of watersports, such as windsurfing and SUP.

Why we like Balka strand:

  • Easy to stand up in the water: the water is shallow for a long way out, you have to go pretty far out to reach the deep part. Which is great for children playing in the water.

  • Lifeguards: During summer, there are lifeguards present on the beach. They make sure that everyone is safe and that things go smoothly for everyone in the water.

  • Restrooms: Restrooms here are easy to find which is great when the smallest ones in the family have to go. They are found by the parking lot close to the beach.

  • Food and drinks: by the parking lot you'll find Weekendhytten, where you can get a light lunch. You can also go to the small kiosk on the beach to get ice cream and drinks, it's often located by the lifeguards' tower.


Hullehavn, Svaneke

The old harbour in Svaneke has something for everyone and is frequently visited by families with small children, young people, and the older folks. Hullehavn is best known for it's combination of cliffs and sand; that's why you'll get the best of both worlds here.

Why we like Hullehavn:

  • Naturally enclosed swimming area: In the old harbour bay there is a natural border which the kids can swim within. The bottom is made of sand and has some seagrass that the kids love to play with. The rocks and cliffs create a natural barrier that prevents the children from going further out.

  • Food and drinks: The beach bar Syd Øst for Paradis provides and option for food and drinks over the course of the day. Here you can get ice cream, homemade sandwiches, or maybe some coffee. Enjoy your refreshments on the bar's teracce or take it with you down to the beach.

  • Restrooms: You can find public restrooms behind the kiosk on the beach.


Free experiences for kids on Bornholm

If the weather doesn't allow for a day on the beach, or do you just want to do something else for a change? It can be quite nice to do something different, and there are plenty of things to do on Bornholm. Here are some of the free experiences that your kids will most definetely enjoy. 

European bisons in Almindingen

In 2012, seven European bisons were put inside a closed area in Almindingen, the fifth largest forest in Denmark. The project with the bisons began in order to see if it was possible to preserve an endangered species, such as the bisons. The bisons had previously existed on Bornholm so it was therefore natural that Bornholm became a part of the project.

The enclosed area is publically accessible and you can get there by following 'Bisonstien' from Chr. X Vej. Here there are signs for finding parking and the area where the bisons roam freely. 

We recommend that you stay on the marked paths when you enter the area. It's not guaranteed that you will see the bisons, but if you do, then make sure to only admire them and not feed them.

Rokkestenen, Paradisbakkerne

There are three rokkesten ("rocking stones") on Bornholm, and the biggest one can be found in Paradisbakkerne. The rock weights around 35 tonnes and can be - as the name would suggest - rocked if you are strong enough, though only if pushed at the right spot. Might you be the one to make it move?

Paradisbakkerne encompasses a large area, and it can be tough to navigate. However, you can follow the marked path to the rokkesten.


Amusements and activities for kids on Bornholm

Brændegårdshaven, Svaneke

Brændegårdshaven is the absolute favourite among families and a must if you're bringing kids on your holiday to Bornholm. The garden is a lovely holiday park, enthusing and tingling your senses with its plentiful amusements, zoo, and water park.

The garden is known for its scenic, green surroundings, where you can i.a. cruise in a rowboat, play minigolf, watch a magic show, and try out the zipline. Bring your own food or have a bite in the garden's cafeteria.

All of the amusements, access to the water park and zoo, are free of charge once you've paid the entry fee.

Address: Højevejen 4, Svaneke

Bornholms Middelaldercenter, Østerlars

Just outside Østerlars, not far from Gudhjem, you'll find Bornholm's Middelaldercenter (medieval center). The place is a marvel for all kids, combining fun and games with history and learning. You will get a unique opportunity to witness how the poor farmer and the wealthy aristocrat lived - and survived - in the olden days.

The Middelaldercenter arranges everything from cooking to knights' tournaments. Learn about medieval craftsmanship, and let the children try their hand at archery.

Address: Stangevej 1, Østerlars


Restaurants for kids on Bornholm

Of course food is what keeps the whole family spry on an action-packed holiday, and Bornholm has over these last couple of years made a name for itself as a culinary stronghold. Now, that doesn't mean everything has become fancy and complicated, but rather that there are plenty of high-quality options for families.

Restaurant Pakhuset, Svaneke

Restaurant Pakhuset in Svaneke has been around for close to an eternity. The food, the atmosphere, and the decor appeal to the younger guests, whereas the parents have to adapt. However, there are, of course, still plenty of delightful treats to satisfy the adult. The lunch menu entices with a smørrebrødsbord of varying flavours; there's a little something for everyone. In the evening courses of fish and meat are on the menu. Moreover, it seems the dessert is what truly sets Pakhuset apart for the younger guests!

The grand self-serve ice cream buffet is something everyone - especially children - remembers. Feel free to eat as much ice cream as you'd like; only you yourself set the limit!

Address: Brænderigænget 3, Svaneke

Restaurant Texas, Rønne

The restaurant in Rønne is a steakhouse with all that that entails. The place primarily serves steaks of different cuts, but also pizza, sandwiches, and burgers. There's a seperate kids menu.

The atmosphere at Texas is what makes it great for children. It's casual and down to earth, with an authentic touch.

Address: Store Torvegade 14, Rønne

Inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm

Explore the extraordinary scenery around Hammerknuden and Dueodde, deep dive into culture and history with a visit to Hammershus and the canons, or try the local produce at one of the island's many superb restaurants. Maybe you want to do something entirely else? Bornholm is jam-packed with experiences for everyone - regardless of passion, age, and levels of activity.

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