Go swimming on Bornholm at these lovely spots

On Bornholm you are never too far from water, in fact you are never more than 15 minutes away from the crystal clear water of the baltic sea.

There is however a largely varying nature along the coastline. On the south side of the island you'll find wide, sandy beaches. The northern side offers cliffs and hidden gems among the formations, which you can jump from. 

On this page, we have selected some of our favourite swimming spots on Bornholm. There are beaches, rocky coasts and harbour baths - it's just up for you to decide where you'd like to jump in the water from. 

Beaches on Bornholm

Galløkken strand er især populær blandt de lokale, men øens gæster er også begyndt at få øjnene op for den dejlige strand
Galløkken strand er en lidt skjult perle på Bornholm
Gå på opdagelse på Galløkken strand syd for Rønne

Galløkken strand, Rønne

On the outskirts of Rønne you'll find two larger beaches. In the south there's Galløkken, besides being the name of the beach it also refers to the forest-area that's found by the beach. The beach is made up of 3-5 smaller bays that are all protected by stone walls in the water. The sand is smooth and water is clear. Some smaller stones and pebbles can be found at the edge of the water, further out you'll find larger boulders to jump from. 

There are no toilets, and also no possibilities to buy food and drinks nearby. The beach is within walking distance of Rønne Vandrerhjem.

Address and facilities

Strandvejen, 3700 Rønne

 Good parking facilities several places on Strandvejen
 No public restrooms nearby
 No shops or cafées nearby

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Antoinette strand ved Rønne er et skønt badested på Bornholm
Antoinette strand ved Rønne
Antoinette strand ved Rønne

Antoinette beach, Rønne

Antoinette beach is one of Rønne's largest beaches and a popular one among both locals and guests. The beach is a long and sandy beach with plenty of room and lots of areas to lie down in cover from potential wind. During the summer, there are often life guards on the beach. 

Behind Antoinette beach there is a lovely forest, Nordskoven, the cycling and hiking path, Kyststien, loads on to Hasle. Both the forest and the beach also go all the way to Hasle, so there is a very good chance you'll be able to find a lovely and peaceful spot to settle down on the beach.

From Antoinette beach you have a view of the activities in Rønne harbour, so you are able to follow the ferry trafic to and from Rønne. Due to the location of the beach in relation to the harbour, there may be waves from the ferry between Ystad and Rønne, so be aware of this, especially if you have smaller children with you on the beach. 

Nordskoven Strand Camping is located just behind Antoinette beach, and in the campsites café you can buy ice cream, drinks and a small selection of sandwiches.

Antoinettevej, 3700 Rønne

 Good parking facilities on Antoinettevej
 Public restrooms by one of the walkways to the beach
 Café by Nordskoven Strand Camping

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Skovly beach, Hasle

Skovly beach - also known as Perfekter beach - looks a lot like Antoinette beach with its fine sand, clear water and lovely sandy seafloor. The two beaches are right next to each other, and there aren't any markings separating the two beaches.

The beach is located just 50 meters from Hotel Skovly, where you can park your car and walk the last bit along the stream in Blykobbe Plantage.

Nyker Strandvej 40, 3700 Rønne

 Parking facilities by Hotel Skovly
 No public restrooms nearby
 Café by Hotel Skovly

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Sandvig Strand ligger for foden af det store, naturskønne område Hammerknuden på Nordbornholm
Sandvig strand ligger tæt på byens restauranter, hoteller, caféer og butikker. Der er offentlige toiletter og parkeringsplads i nærheden
Sandvig strand er en stor og bred sandstrand med en badebro med flere stiger

Sandvig beach, Allinge-Sandvig

Sandvig beach is probably the most popular swimming spot on North Bornholm and there are several great reasons for that. The beach has soft sand, sandy seafloor well out into the water, a nice jetty and good facilities such as restrooms, outdoor shower, beach volleyball court and a playground. And the beach has a fantastic location with the beautiful natural area, Hammerknuden, to one side and the town of Sandvig to the other. 

For this reason, you have basically everything you would need on Sandvig beach. In Sandvig you can find ice cream parlours, cafées, restaurants, hotels and shops. Due to the beach's location, the beach is always full of life in the summer, where both young and old play at the water's edge, jump in from the cliffs, play ball or just enjoy the sun's warm rays. 

There are life guards on the beach in the summer.

Be aware that there can be quite a bit of current in the water, and there may be large waves with onshore wind.

Sandlinien 30, 3770 Allinge

 Great parking facilities at Hammerknuden parkering
 Public restrooms, changing rooms and outdoor shower
 Shops, cafés and restaurants in Sandvig

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Næs strand er omkranset af de karakteristiske bornholmske klipper og har fint sand
Næs strand er en hyggelig lille strand i den nordlige del af Allinge
Næs strand er en hyggelig lille strand i den nordlige del af Allinge

Næs beach, Allinge

Right by Allinge Badehotel in the sourthernmost part of Allinge is the cosy, small Næs beach. This is where especially the locals like to swim when the hot summer months and many hours of sunshine come knocking. The beach is to the smaller side but definitely worth a visit. 

The sand at Næs beach is a little coarse but still comfortable to lie on and walk barefoot on. From the beach you can go directly in the water, which is quite shallow and therefore particularly suitable for smaller children. You can also jump into the water from the large concrete platform, which also has a ladder down into the water.

The beach isn't far from Nordbornholms Røgeri (smokehouse), where you can pick up your lunch for the day and enjoy it on your blanket in the sand. The rest of Allinge with its shops and cafées is just a 5-10 minute walk from the beach.

Løsebækgade 13, 3770 Allinge

 Several parking facilities on Løsebækgade
 Public restrooms by the beach
 Shops, cafées and restaurants in Allinge

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Sandkås strand ligger i en bugt med klipper på hver side
Til højre for parkeringspladsen ligger "lille Sandkås" med badebro og et bassin, der er indhegnet af sten for at bryde bølgen
Sandkås strand ligger i et dejligt grønt område med parkering, offentlige toiletter og en strandbar, der har åbent i sommerperioden

Sandkås beach, Sandkås

Sandkås beach is located on North Bornholm between Allinge and Tejn and is such a lovely sandy beach with several sections. When you stand in the parking lot by Sandkaas Strandbar, you can choose to walk down to the little lovely bay to your left or to the long beach to your right. Both beaches are Sandkås beach; some describe them as big and small Sandkås.

Big Sandkås is a great little bay with white sand and is surrounded by tall cliff sides, that add a very special atmosphere to the bay area. Small Sandkås is a long beach and has a long jetty with several ladders leading down into the water. Large rocks have been placed in the water to create some kind of enclosure that breaks the big waves and makes the water more child-friendly. The sand is also nice and soft here.

By the parking lot is a small beach bar, Sandkaas Strandbar, which is open in the summer months.

Gilbertstræde, 3770 Allinge

 Parking facilities by the beach bar
 Public restrooms by the beach 
 Sandkaas Strandbar (beach bar)

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Balka beach, Balka

Balka beach is a very popular beach, especially for the locals who live on the southeastern part of the island, but also for the many summer house owners in the area. Balka is often described as one of the best beaches on Bornholm, so there is always lots of life and good vibes on the beach in the summer. There are life guards on the beach in the summer. 

The beach is one kilometer long and stretches from Balka in the north to Snogebæk in the south. Behind the beach is a forest that provides shelter from west wind. The sand on Balka is fine and the water is shallow for a long way out. For this reason, Balka beach is a favourite for many families with children.

Balka beach is a really awesome beach if you're interested in different kinds of water sports activities. You can e.g. learn to surf at Surf Bornholm or windsurf, kitesurf or stand on a SUP board at Eastwind. Both places offer guided tours and courses for both beginners and more experienced. 

In both ends of the beach you'll find shops, restaurants and cafées, so you can easily pick up ice cream, drinks and lunch for the day.

Boulevarden 14, 3730 Nexø

 Parking facilities in Balka
 Public restrooms in Balka
 Cafées and restaurants in Balka and Snogebæk. Eco Beach Camp by Eastwind

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Dueodde Strand på Sydbornholm er en af de bedste på øen
Dueodde Strand er kendt for sit kridhvide og meget fine sand
Dueodde Strand er også kendt for Dueodde Fyr

Dueodde beach, Dueodde

Dueodde beach is Bornholm's - maybe even Denmark's - best beach. The beach is no less than 10 kilometers long and stretches from Sømarken in the west to Snogebæk in the east. At some places the beach is as much as 100 meters wide. So there is an unimaginable amount of space for a good beach day with sunbathing, dips in the ocean and playtime in the sand. 

If you aren't up for lying directly on the beach itself, you can find a nice spot in the many dunes along the beach, where you'll also be in cover from the wind. 

Off the beach there are several reefs which means that the sea depth can vary quite a bit. However, the water is mostly shallow and Dueodde beach is therefore also a popular beach for families with children. 

In addition to its extremely fine and white sand, Dueodde beach is also known for Dueodde lighthouse, which with its 47 meter height has a beautiful view of the coast and the long beach. In the summer months, the lighthouse is open from 11am to 2pm for visitors who want to make their way up the stairs to the top of the lighthouse. 

Fyrvejen 2 og Skrokkegårdsvejen 19, 3730 Nexø

 Parking facilities on Fyrvejen and Skrokkegårdsvejen
 Public restrooms by the parking lot on Fyrvejen
 Cafées by both parking lots

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Boderne beach, Boderne

Boderne beach is one of the two large beaches on the southern part of Bornholm. Pretty much the entire coast on the southernmost part of Bornholm is beach, but only a few places has an established beach. One of these places are Boderne, which is a great sandy beach with sandy seafloor all the way out into the water.

The beach begins in the small boat harbour, Boderne, which is a charming little town with a beach kiosk, a clothing store and public restrooms. 

If you aren't up for a full day of relaxing on the beach, you can take a small break and go for a walk in the large forest begind the beach. 

Boderne 22, 3720 Aakirkeby

 Parking facilities by the beach
 Public restrooms in Boderne
 Kiosk in Boderne

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Cliff coast on Bornholm

På toppen af klipperne ved Høl strand har du en dejlig udsigt over stranden
Høl strand har gruset sand med små og lidt større sten, men stadig behageligt at gå på i bare fødder
Høl strand er omkranset af klipper og har gruset sand

Høl beach, Listed

About 300 meters north of the charming harbour in Listed is Høl strand, which is shaped as a small bay. The beach is small but often quite well visited by both locals and tourists who enjoy the combination of beachs and cliffs. 

The sand at Høl beach is gravel-like with small and slightly larger rocks, but the sand is still comfortable to lie on and walk on barefoot. There are rocks and a rocky bottom in the water, so the beach is a good choice if you want to swim and not so much play around in the water. You can jump into the water from the tall cliffs at your own risk, and here is also a ladder so you can easily get out of the water agin. 

If you haven't packed a lunch, you can walk the short distance back to Listed harbour where Bay Frost serves cold and hot drinks, lobster rolls and something sweet for your coffee. 

Mor Markers Gænge, 3740 Svaneke

 A few parking spaces on Mor Markers Gænge
 Small public restroom by the parking spaces
 Bay Frost approx. 300 meters from the beach

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Hullehavn, Svaneke

South of Svaneke you'll find this little gem of a beach. Hullehavn is an old harbour which has been transformed to a wonderful beach with white sand and a pier, where you can jump into the water from the springboard or just get in from the pier itself. The youngest can play by the water's edge where the water is shallow. 

The beach is surrounded by cliffs to all sides, where you can sit and enjoy the view of the water. On the beach there is a beach volleyball court so remember to bring a ball for your beach day.

Right by the beach is the beach bar, Syd-Øst for Paradis, which is open in the summer months. The bar serves cold drinks, ice cream and light lunch dishes like tapas, sandwiches and toasts. Syd-Øst for Paradis also has live music several nights a week, so you can easily spend a whole day on Hullehavn beach. 


Skovgade 34, 3740 Svaneke

 Parking spaces behind the beach bar
 Restrooms by the beach bar
 The beach bar Syd-Øst for Paradis right by the beach

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Harbour baths on Bornholm

Havnebadet i Hasle byder bl.a. på to bassiner med badestiger
Trappeformationen på Hasle Havnehad har flere udspringsmuligheder
Hasle Havnebad er en flydende platform med to bassiner og trapper med mulighed for udspring

Hasle havnebad, Hasle

The harbour bath in Hasle is probably one of the very best harbour baths on Bornholm and such a lovely place for a swim all year round - even in winter. 

The harbour bath is a floating platform and consists of two pools, a stair formation with springboards. You can get in the water in the harbour bath's inner pools or jump into the deeper water surrounding the platform. On the stair formation there is plenty of room to relax and enjoy the sun after your swim, so remember to bring refreshments - this way you can quickly spend several hours at Hasle havnebad.

The harbour bath is located on Hasle Marina which also offers a harbour grill/café and otherwise you aren't far from Hasle's shops and cafées.


Havnen 25, 3790 Hasle

 Parking facilities on the harbour
 Public restrooms in the harbours service building
 Harbour grill and cafées, shops and restaurants in Hasle

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Svaneke harbour, Svaneke

At the harbour in Svaneke you can find a public harbour bath with several ladders and a diving platform in three levels. By the diving platform there is created a rocky wall which forms a pool and keeps out big waves. This creates calm water that you can safely jump into. 

There aren't many places for you to lie and sunbathe here at Svaneke harbour, so this swimming spot is mainly for you who just want a quick dip. 

The harbour is the center of the town, so you are close to pretty much everything that the town has to offer; ice cream parlour, restaurants, cafées and smokehouse.


Gruset 2, 3740 Svaneke

 Parking facilities by Christiansøpigens Sild
 Public restroom by the harbour
 Kiosk, cafées and restaurants in Svaneke

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