Enjoy autumn on Bornholm

Autumn comes with opportunities for cozy moments indoors and colourful experiences outdoors. A lot of the island's attractions are open in autumn, too, while nature invites adventure. 


Explore the crude nature and be enthralled by the colourful Bornholmer autumn landscape, discover art and crafts and local history, or enjoy a cup of hot chocolate inside while the weather's windy and cold. On this page you will find our recommendations of what to do when spending a holiday on Bornholm in autumn: Experiences for the sunny days as well as the duller grey ones.


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Find your accommodation on Bornholm

We have gathered the hotels and accommodations that welcome you in autumn.

Some of them stay open longer than others; nevertheless, they are all excellent starting points for your autumn holiday on Bornholm.

Museums for autumn days

Regardless if the sun is shining or the rain pouring, the Bornholmer museums are always worth a visit. We are especially keen on Bornholm's art museum by Gudhjem and Grønbechs Gård in Hasle.

Bornholms Kunstmuseum

Bornholm's Kunstmuseum (art museum) is located 6 km north of Gudhjem, by the coast in the beautiful area near Helligdommen. The coast greets you immediately as you step out of your car in Skulpturhaven, where sculptures made by local artisans, and artisans with ties to the island, are exhibited. It's completely free of charge to explore Skulpturhaven.

Inside the museum a great deal of Bornholmer-related art awaits you - art from the Danish Golden Age and up to today. The museum has one permanent exhibition and 6-8 exclusive ones a year - in other words, there's always something to explore. Apart from the exhibitions, the museum has a store, cinema, café, and plenty of views of the beautiful landscape.

When you're done exploring the art, both outside and inside, don't miss out on a stroll around Helligdommen, then down to Helligdomsklipperne. Follow the path and spend a bit of time to walk along the cliffs, or take the stairs down to water level to get a closer look at them.

The museum's opening hours in autumn:
September and October: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 AM-5 PM.
November and December: Thursday and Friday, 1 PM-5 PM. Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM-5 PM.

Grønbechs Gård

Bornholm's Center for Kunsthåndværk (arts & crafts) - Grønbech's Gård is located in Hasle; well worth a visit if you are interested in arts & crafts. The Center offers a grand exhibition of primarily Bornholmer, but also Danish and international, arts and crafts. This year, 2022, they have a 20 years anniversary exhibition dedicated to the Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm, which is the local association for artisans and craftsmen.

Grønbechs Gård was built as a storehouse for the merchant guild Grønbech in 1875. The exhibition rooms still carry the characteristics of its history with exposed beams and creaking wooden floor. Don't miss out on going up the tower in one of the seven rooms, where you will get an enchanting view of Hasle and the Baltic Sea.

The Center also has a shop, where you can buy locally made art. The café serves cake and coffee in Bornholmer ceramics for you to enjoy.

The museum's opening hours this autum:
Tuesday to Sunday, 11 AM-5 PM up until week 42.

5 nature and culture experiences on Bornholm this autumn

To billeder af Ekkodalen


Ekkodalen in Almindingen in the middle of Bornholm is the biggest of the island's in total 70 rift valleys. The valley is a popular attraction for tourists all year round, but we at Book Bornholm consider the landscape to be especially beautiful in autumn, when the leaves turn golden.

Ekkodalen got its name from the echo effect that happens when your sound travels back to you from its vertical mountain walls. Some of the walls reach up to 20 metres in height, and on top of the so called Styrtebakkerne grows a protected forest, older than 200 years.

By the entry point to Ekkodalen you will find a sign with information and brochures to help you navigate your scenic hiking path in Ekkodalen and Almidningen.

Parking: By Ekkodalshuset.

To billeder af kanonstillinger

Cannon positions and bunkers near Dueodde

Not far from the popular Dueodde Beach, you will find remnants of The Second World War: two cannon positions and bunkers, hidden amongst coniferous trees.

The cannon positions were built by the forces of the occupation and were meant to shut down any naval traffic south of Bornholm. The constructing of a total of four cannon positions began in 1940; two of which nearly reaching completion before the end of the war. However, cannons were never mounted.

Today the cannon positions remain, and both of which can be explored and climbed upon. It's a good idea to bring a flashlight to be able to explore the dark corners of the bunkers.

Parking: P-lot above Dueodde Familiecamping & Hostel. Make your way back from there and you will find Cannon position G3 on H.C. Møllersvej (adress) and Cannon position G4 on Østre Fort-Alle.

To billeder af Salomons Kapel

Salomons Kapel

Salomons Kapel is a small chapel that was built in the 14th century. The chapel was primarily visited by Bornholmer fishermen, who had their catch of the day blessed here. All that remains today is a wondrous ruin, wherefrom you can enjoy the view of cliffs and sea while imagining what it looked like centuries ago.

The chapel was built here because of the holy spring that lay nearby, Salomons Kilde. The spring's water was said to have reinvigorating properties, and thus people from afar also journeyed to the area.

You will reach the chapel by following the coastal path around Hammerknuden, which is an expansive and remarkable nature area on Northern Bornholm.

Parking: By Hammerknuden Parking. Follow the path westwards for about 1 kilometer to Salomons Kapel.

To billeder af Hammershus Slotsruin

Hammershus castle ruin

On the northern most part of Bornholm, you will find Northern Europe's biggest castle ruin, Hammershus. The castle sits on the rocky brim with an extraordinary view of the Baltic Sea and most of Bornholm to boot.

Hammerhus has got a long history, stretching past several centuries, and, at times, quite a dramatic one. The castle belonged to the island's sovereign, and has, i.a, been used as a fortress, prison, warehouse, and seat of the island's administration. More recent findings implies that the castle was completed at the end of the 13th century. It was abandoned in 1743 and protected by law in 1822.

You can learn more about Hammershus' history at the tourist center Brohuset. There you will get a beautiful panoramic view of the castle and the surrounding landscape. 

Parking: Paid parking by Hammershus.
Tourist center's opening hours: Every day 10AM-4PM, until 19th December..

To billeder af Røverborgen


Røverborgen (Bandit Castle) is a distinctive rock formation, located by the sea in Gudhjem. The rocks were, reportedly, named by the tourist association in Gudhjem to make the nature in the area more attractive and exotic.

In fact, it is actually a special experience to stand on top of the "castle" and scout the Baltic Sea and the rest of the scenery. You can reach the top via narrow steps in stone.

Røverborgen lies by Kyststien (coastal path), which you can follow all around the island. Alternatively, you can park your car in Gudhjem, and then walk to Røverborgen.

Parking: Park by Nørresand or havnen in Gudhjem and walk to Røverborgen.

Enjoy a delicious meal on Bornholm

Bornholm is filled with excellent cuisine wherever you go on the island. We've gathered our favourite restaurants and smokehouses on Bornholm here, making it easier for you to choose where to eat. Make sure to check up on their opening hours beforehand, for not every single one is open throughout all of autumn.

Inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm

Explore the extraordinary scenery around Hammerknuden and Dueodde, deep dive into culture and history with a visit to Hammershus and the cannons, or try the local produce at one of the island's many superb restaurants. Maybe you want to do something entirely else? Bornholm is jam-packed with experiences for everyone - regardless of passion, age, and levels of activity.

We tell the latest stories from Bornholm and give you tips and guides for your next holiday trip.