Where to have lunch on Bornholm?

Bornholm has truly put its name on the gastronomical map, as new and exciting restaurants have popped up all over the island. There are a bunch of alternatives to choose from when you're feeling hungry in the middle of the day. And it might be a little difficult to decide on where to go for a delicious lunch.

We have put together a list of our favourite lunch spots on Bornholm, so that you easily can find where you would like to go for a bite. The list contains a little bit for everyone - classic, Bornholmer favourites and newer, more contemporary restaurants. Bon appetite! 

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Hammerhavnens Kiosken, Hammerhavn

A good sandwich is underrated, if you ask us. And at Hammerhavnens Kiosk, just a short way outside Sandvig, you can sink your teeth into a really good one. Perhaps even the best sandwich on Bornholm. People gladly make the trip across the island to enjoy one of the kiosk's sandwiches for lunch, and with the view of Hammershus and the Baltic Sea, Hammeshavnens Kiosk is without a doubt one of our favourite lunch spots.

If sandwiches aren't to your liking, the kiosk also offers other dishes such as salads, toasts, and sausages. Have a drink as well! Choose from cold or warm beverages, or satisfy your sweet tooth with homemade cakes and ice cream.

Address: Sænevej 15, 3770 Allinge

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Det Griser, Allinge

Are you on the hunt for one of Bornholm's perhaps best roast pork burgers (and a big one at that) with crispy fries, delicious onion rings and refreshing drinks? Then stop by Det Griser at the harbour in Allinge.

Det Griser's menu is short and simple, and that's only a positive thing. Because then you know that a lot of love is put into the food - and that results in tasty food!

Most of the food at Det Griser is homemade, home-pickled and home-stirred. You can e.g. sink your teeth into a big roast pork burger with crispy pork rinds, a luxery hot dog with delicious toppings and a halloumi burger with ramson mayo. Don't miss out on a round of fries, onion rings or chili cheese tops as a side. 

Det Griser is open from 11.30am to 9pm every day in July and from 11am to 7pm every day in August. So you can also enjoy dinner at Det Griser, if that works better for you.

Address: Sverigesvej 9, 3770 Allinge

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Norresan, Gudhjem

Down by the harbour in the northern part of Gudhjem, you will find the cosy, little coffee bar and café Norresan. Sip on a lovely brew of coffee and assuage your hunger with local, homemade food in the form of light dishes. Often you'll be able to get a "sandwich of the day" consisting of homemade bread and lovely spreads. Norresan is also known for it's delicious potato on ryebread - Norresan's take on the traditional Danish open sandwich. Take your lunch to-go or enjoy it inside the beautiful Norresan or in their outdoor area with a breathtaking view of the Baltic Sea.

Norresan is run by Pernille and her team, who bring a cosy and comfortable feel to the place. Besides the terrific lunch, Norresan is also the place to go if you're in the mood for a steaming cup of coffee, a superb gin & tonic, or a refreshing lemonade. 

Address: Nørresand 10, Gudhjem

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Christiansøpigens Sild, Svaneke

Every summer, the small fish factory at the harbour in Svaneke, Christiansøpigens Sild, opens up for their little shop, which is also known as Silden.

Here you can satisfy your lunchtime hunger with a round of crisp and well-prepared fish n chips: Fresh cod in crispy, deep-fried batter, great fries (or chips if you will) and homemade remoulade. Simple, but extremely delicious and a place we like to visit several times during the summer.

Christiansøpigens Sild - or Silden - only serves fish n chips, and for this reason, they absolutely know what they are doing when it comes to preparation of the food. It's fresh and greasy - everything a good round of fish n chips should be.

The shop is only open during high season (June, July and August), so hurry up before the season is over. 

Address: Gruset 7, 3740 Svaneke

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Bakkarøgeriet, Pedersker

Bornholm is known for its smokehouses. So why not eat smoked fish for lunch while visiting Bornholm? There are a bunch of terrific smokehouses on Bornholm, where you can order your lunch, but Bakkarøgeriet is one of our absolute favourites. Everyday the smokehouse prepares a fresh batch of smoked goods: salmon, mackerel, shrimp, and, of course the local speciality, smoked herring, among other products. 

The place is a traditional Bornholmer smokehouse combined with a restaurant; fish specialities along with the local dish, Sol over Gudhjem (Sun above Gudhjem) are what's on the menu. If the weather is nice, enjoy your lunch on the smokehouse's terrace, overlooking the Baltic Sea. 

Address: Østre Sømarksvej 29, Aakirkeby


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Restaurant Molen, Nexø

At the end of the pier in Nexø harbour, you can rejoice your taste buds by visiting Restaurant Molen. Enjoy a fantastic view of the Baltic Sea while an exquisite lunch is being prepared for you. The lunch menu varies from day to day, but there are often alternatives between warm and cold dishes, traditional Danish open sandwiches, and something sweet for dessert. The food is based on the Bornholmer kitchen, with crisp seasonal produce and fresh fish. What more could you wish for? 

The restaurant is located on the first floor, while the ground floor houses an intimate wine bar to quench your thirst or offer a minor snack. The restaurant is also worth a visit in the evening - here you can dive into their seasonal menu that is replaced monthly. 

Address: Havnen 6, Nexø


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Râzapâz, Rønne

The name may sound a bit crazy, but râzapâz is actually Bornholmer for "a little rascal". The restaurant's name and concept goes hand in hand. Patrick - the owner of Râzapâz in Rønne -  has created a creative and somewhat "obscure" place, where the flavours and your experience are the focal point. On the menu you'll find a little bit of everything, from tapas and sandwiches to exciting and creative dishes. 

If you're in the mood for a glass of wine alongside your meal, the wine menu won't be anywhere to find. Instead, ask the staff for their recommendations, and they will find the perfect wine for you. At Râzapâz, the individual taste experience is highly valued, and therefore they select a wine from their large wine wall that fits perfectly with your particular lunch.

Address: Store Torvegade 29, Rønne

Dinner on Bornholm

Are you looking for ideas on where to eat dinner on Bornholm? The island offers lots of great places and it might be a little difficult to take your pick. We've gathered some of our absolute favourite places to grab a bite in the evening - you don't have to look any further.

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