Outdoor activities on Bornholm do not solely revolve around climbing, hiking, and mountainbiking. Explore the island's long coastline and the clear waters of the Baltic Sea through water sports. 

You can find activities for both the seasoned practitioners as well as for those looking to try out a new sport in water. We have gathered a couple of our favourite activities here. 


Water sports on Bornholm

SUP and kite- and windsurfing on Bornholm

On the southern parts of Bornholm, you will find wide beaches inviting you to both sports and sun bathing.

Eastwind is located at Balka strand, and offers beginner classes in kite- and windsurfing. If you're already steady on the board, it's possible to rent gear from Eastwind.  

At Eastwind you can challenge yourself by taking a SUP tour in Hammerhavn. You will be given a short introduction to equipment, safety, and, last but not least, how to keep your balance on the board while paddling forth. Whereafter you will paddle a tour in Hammerhavn. Read more about SUP at Eastwind here.


Kayaking on Bornholm

At Eastwind, Balka Strand, you can also experience nature by kayak. Sign up for classes, go on a guided kayak tour, or simply rent a kayak to explore the waters on your own. Read more here.

At Paddle Bornholm in Hasle, you can sign up for classes (either in groups or privately), explore the island alongside a guide, or rent gear. Beginner or seasoned, either way, Paddle Bornholm will surely be able to help you experience Bornholm from the water.

Bornholms Outdoorcenter in Rønne offers a bunch of water activities, i.a kayaking. Anders, who established the center and is an instructor in many of the outdoor activities, is flexible in terms of where you start from, the north or the south coast. Usually, it's the direction of the wind that decides where it's best to start.


Snorkeling and diving on Bornholm

We have yet to try diving ourselves on Bornholm; however, hearsay has it that the island has some of the best waters in Denmark for diving. Chiefly, it's the wreck dives that attract divers and their oxygen tanks to Bornholm.

Diveline in Rønne are some of the best on the island when it comes to diving. They'll help you with everything from snorkeling with the family to diving alongside someone who has a diving certificate. If you're planning a longer stay on Bornholm, it is also possible to get your own diving certificate via Diveline. 


Sailing on Bornholm

If you wish to experience Bornholm from afar, there are plenty of opportunities to go on a boat ride. 

There are several options depending on what you are looking for. If you want to be the captain yourself, discarding guides and perhaps even other forms of company, you can rent a boat at Hesthavens in Boderne. At Hesthavens you can rent boats of different sizes and for different purposes - for fishing or simply to bob on the waves.

At Bådfart Bornholm in Sandvig speed is of the essence, and hopefully someone is steering the boat. Go on an excursion in a so called RIB boat, which charges forward in high velocity. Bådfart Bornholm offers trips around Sandvig, along the coast, or all the way to Christiansø. 

A third, and somewhat more exclusive, option is Baltic Yacht in Gudhjem. Starting from Gudhjem, they will take you along on some sightseeing of the cliffed coastline, nature, and harbours. On the lunch tour, you will be served the regional cuisine 'Sol over Gudhjem'. On the Sunset tour, you can enjoy delicious tapas, primarily based on local ingredients. 

Inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm

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