Dinner on Bornholm

Are you looking to be inspired by the Bornholmer kitchen or are you simply too tired to make your own dinner? Perhaps you've made your way to Bornholm exclusively for the taste experience? No matter what brought you to Bornholm, there's good reason to go on a gastronomic exploration across the island.

If you were to ask us, Bornholm shouldn't solely be known as Sunshine Island, but also as Food Island. New exciting and creative restaurants have entered the stage, and the well-established ones, with years of experience, keep impressing us and our taste buds.

We have put together a list of the restaurants we prefer on the island right now. Here you will find alternatives for the whole family, the ones with an appetite, and for those who are looking for good chow that doesn't ruin your budget. 

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Gourmet restaurants on Bornholm

Kadeau, Pedersker

Picturesque and hidden, surrounded by sand, sea, and forest on southern Bornholm - we present Kadeau. In an old beach pavilion with a view of the Baltic sea you'll find an experience within the modern Bornholmer-Nordic kitchen, based on local produce.

The restaurant has it's own garden, where chefs can find inspiration and fresh ingredients for the menu. The chefs are known to experiment with different cooking methods and dishes, which always makes a visit to Kadeau a very special experience.

The food and experience at Kadeau is of such a high standard, that they received their first Michelin star in 2016, which they have maintained ever since. 

The restaurant is renovated and decorated in bright, nordic materials, and the food is served on bornholmer produced ceramics. All in all a thoughtful and amazing experience, that many travel a long way to have. And we can truly understand why!

Opening hours: Thursday to Sunday all summer. 
Address: Baunevej 18, Vester Sømarken, 3720 Aakirkeby

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Restaurant Njôrd, Svaneke

The restaurant is a part of Hotel Siemsens Gaard in Svaneke, and we would go so far as to say that it is an absolute must to eat here - whether you're staying at Hotel Siemsens Gaard or not.

As the name suggests, the food at Restaurant Njord is inspired by the nordic kitchen and based on local Bornholmer ingredients in season - fruit, berries, vegetables, fish and butcher's products. The menu changes as we move from season to season and there is always something new and delicious to try here at Restaurant Njord.

The restaurant is newly renovated and nicely decorated with light, bright colours and beautiful wooden furniture. The atmosphere is something else and it is very clear that everyone at Restaurant Njord has a big passion for food and your overall experience. Enjoy your dinner with a breathtaking view of Svaneke Harbour and the Baltic Sea, either inside the restaurant or out on the terrace.

Opening hours: Friday and saturday for lunch and dinner until easter. Thereafter every day for lunch and dinner until autumn vacations.
Address: Havnebryggen 9, 3740 Svaneke.

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Restaurant Melsted Badehotel, Melsted

Melsted Badehotel is a beautiful and newly renovated seaside hotel on the outskirts of Gudhjem. The hotel's restaurant is definitely worth a visit, regardless of whether you are staying at the hotel or just visiting. Here you will experience high level gastronomy, a calming atmosphere and, not least, an absolutely fantastic view.

The restaurant is run by a succesful and experience team lead by Daniel Kruse and Troels Madsen. Daniel and Troels also run The Røde Pakhus in Rønne and are also known from Restaurant Molen in Nexø and Christianshøjkroen in Aakirkeby. In other words, the experienced chefs have an in-depth knowledge of the Bornholm pantry, and this is also reflected in Restaurant Melsted Badehotel's menu, which consists of exciting and tasty dishes that vary daily and are based on local and seasonal ingredients.

Enjoy your dinner inside the restaurant's beautiful, bright rooms or have your food served on the terrace where you have a wonderful view of the cliffs, beach and sea that surround the hotel.

Opening hours: All days from easter until the autumn vacations (week 42) at 12 - 14.30, and 18 - 21. Thereafter every weekend until christmas.
Address: Melstedvej 27, 3760 Gudhjem

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Restaurant The Falcon Hotel

At The Falcon Hotel in Sandvig you can look forward to a truly lovely dining experience in charming surroundings, that awaken the lust for adventure. Here you can lean back in soft furniture and let your eyes explore the many trinkets and trophies that decorate the restaurant, before dinner gets served.

The restaurant's two great chefs, Tobias and Mads, work out a new menu every month with the season's produce as a focal point. So it is always exciting to sit down and explore the menu card.

You can choose a 3- or 5- course menu, that the chefs have composed, or choose from the a la carte menu yourself. No matter which you choose, both you and your taste buds will fall in love. 

Åbningstider: Tuesday until saturday for lunch and dinner.
Address: Strandvejen 99, Sandvig, 3770 Allinge

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Child-friendly restaurants on Bornholm

Restaurant Pakhuset, Svaneke

Restaurant Pakhuset in Svaneke is located deep in the heart of Svaneke, between Svaneke Torv and the harbour, in an old, red warehouse.

The restaurant is especially known for its child-friendly atmosphere, with room for both the young and old. The menu is extensive and you will without a doubt find a dish for you. You can choose between a variety of courses of fish and meat, and there's also a seperate kids menu with classic kids meals such as fish fillets, nuggets, and meatballs.

The plank steak has in particular been a classic throughout the years, and, as for the children, they seem to find great pleasure in the self-serve ice cream bar, with its abundance of frostings and toppings.

Opening hours: Every day 11.30am to 8pm (from 22nd April to 18th August)
Address: Brænderigænget 3, 3740 Svaneke

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Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant, Svaneke

At Svaneke Bryghus you'll find good food and their own popular beer in a lovely environment. A big part of the menu is locally based, and there is something for everyone.

The menu is made up of dishes with meat and fish, and for the kids the restaurant has a separate menu with child favourites such as pasta Bolognese, fish fillet, and fish meatballs.

If the feeling is right, the grown-ups should enjoy one (or two) of the many locally brewed beers along with their food. There are plenty to choose from, both with and without alcohol - so we can almost guarantee that everyone will find a beer for them. 

Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant is open all year round, to the great joy of locals and tourists alike, visiting in the colder months.

Opening hours: Every day from 11am all year round.
Address: Svaneke Torv 5, 3740 Svaneke

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Texas, Rønne

In Rønne you'll find the American inspired steak restaurant, Texas. Visiting the restaurant is a given if you like steaks, burgers, and ribs - for all of it is on the menu. Also, there is a seperate kids menu.

The atmosphere at Texas is amiable and relaxed. Our primary reason to visit the restaurant - besides the food, of course - is the feeling of its intimacy and service. At Texas you'll always be greeted with utmost hospitality, like you are a long lost patron coming back home.

Texas shows the major sporting events in its premises. Super Bowl especially has become a success for the restaurant in Rønne, which also is open all year round. 

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 4pm to 9pm. Friday to Saturday: 12pm to 9pm. Sunday: Closed.
Address: Store Torvegade 14, 3700 Rønne

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Good food, better prices on Bornholm

Spektakel, Gudhjem

In the middle of Gudhjem's winding streets you will find Spektakel; a little gem of a restaurant that serves delicious tapas, cold drinks, local beer and organic wine - all in beautiful surroundings that make you feel like you've landed in the middle of the cosiest garden party of the year. Doesn't that sound great?

We think so, and we're not the only ones. Spektakel is a popular place to satisfy hunger and quench thirst for both locals and tourists during the summer months. There is only outdoor seating here, and therefore the place is only open during summer, typically from mid-May to the end of August. 

We can definitely recommend ordering Spektakel's "large platter" for 2-3 people where you get a bit of almost everything from the menu. You can also choose some small dishes and put together your tapas table yourself. 

Opening hours: We are currently waiting for the opening hours of 2024.
Address: Åbogade 2, Gudhjem

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Provianten, Gudhjem

One of our absolute favourites since 2018. A cozy port bar in Gudhjem harbour with room for chatter and prattle, communal dining, and wine tasting.

Provianten is on the small side and space is therefore limited. Provianten is a bar and not a restaurant, but it's still possible to get your hands on something appetizing to eat. There are always one or two plat du jour on the menu - often it's a meat stew and a vegetarian pie - along with a handfull of different snacks.

On Thursdays it's communal dining, where you dine by a long table with everyone else who might turn up. They serve one course, often on big platters and in big bowls. It's a pleasant way to enjoy a good meal for a meagre sum (95 DKK) and a great way to meet new people - locals as well as tourists.

Tip: If you want to try the communal dining, you have to sign up by calling Provianten. There's limited space, so we recommend booking your spot in advance.

Opening hours: Provianten has varying opening hours, which they continuously update on their Facebook-page.
Address: Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 28, Gudhjem

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Râzapâz, Rønne

The name might sound a strange, but actually, râzapâz is bornholmer for a "vildbasse". And the restaurants name and concept therefore go hand in hand. Patrick, that is behind Râzapâz, has created an interesting and creative place where flavours and your experience is the focal point.

The menu offers a bunch of smaller dishes, and the concept is that you yourself will compose your meal. A fantastic way to explore a good part of it. Patrick and the kitchen has discovered and maybe even tasted something you have never tried before. And as the cherry on top, the food is served on handmade ceramics made by the restaurants own staff. 

If you would like a glass of wine with your dinner, you will have to look for a long time to find a wine card. Instead, just ask the staff what they recommend to go with your food, and they will pick out the perfect wine for you. At Râzapâz the individual flavour experience weighs heavily, and they will therefore select a perfect wine from their wall, that will suit your food.

Opening hours:  Open all year. Monday to Saturday 5.30pm - approx. 11pm
Address: Store Torvegade 29, 3700 Rønne

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Restaurant Det Røde Pakhus, Rønne

In the heart of Rønne you will find Restaurant Det Røde Pakhus; a long-awaited restaurant with Daniel Kruse and Troels Madsen at the helm. Daniel and Troels are both succesful and highly experienced chefs who from 2023 will also run Restaurant Melsted Badehotel near Gudhjem and have previously run Restaurant Molen in Nexø and Christianshøjkroen in Aakirkeby. 

Troels' and Daniel's vision for Restaurant Det Røde Pakhus is to combine "the best of what the sea and forest has to offer in one place" and thus give the guests an experience a little out of the ordinary. 

The menu varies depending on the season as the food is based on local, seasonal and available ingredients. There is something everyone on the menu, regardless if you prefer fish, meat or vegetarian dishes. 

The restaurant is nice and charming with a laid-back atmosphere and agreeable prices. Definitely worth a visit!

Tip: Don't skip dessert when you dine at Restaurant Det Røde Pakhus. Daniel Kruse has a background in confectionery and is trained from the renowned Copenhagen pastisserie, La Glace, and has since then won several awards for his desserts. It almost goes without saying that the desserts at Restaurant Det Røde Pakhus are not something you want to miss out on.

Opening hours: Open all year round. Tueday to Sunday for lunch (12pm to 3pm) and dinner (6pm to 8.30pm). Monday: Closed.
Address: Snellemark 30, 3700 Rønne

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Gastronomy on Bornholm

For most people Bornholm is primarily famous for its smokehouses, and the regional cuisine "Sol over Gudhjem" can be seen on menus all across Denmark.

In addition, Bornholm's food production has grown significantly on the island, and this has resulted in the production of everything from basic goods such as fruit and vegetables, which are grown locally on the island, to the processing of food and, in particular, confectionery.  


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Smokehouses on Bornholm 

Every small town on Bornholm with an ounce of self-respect has at least one smokehouse. Some has more. It can be difficult to know where to go for the authentic experience and the really delicious smoked herring. That's why we've made a list of our top five smokehouses here.

Smørrebrød on Bornholm

The famous regional dish "Sol over Gudgjem" is a smørrebrød that you will be able to find in almost every restaurant in Denmark that serves smørrebrød. And, of course, going on a holiday to Bornholm does not exclude you from having a taste of smørrebrød. 

The best place to visit when it comes to smørrebrød on Bornholm is Det Røde Pakhus in Rønne. They make the classics with high quality. 

Should you find yourself on the island's east coast, drop in at Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant. Here you can enjoy one of their locally brewed beers together with your smørrebrød.

Both places only serves smørrebrød for lunch, not dinner. 

Most of the Bornholmer smokehouses also have their own restaurants, where you can try the smoked wares on, for example, a smørrebrød.

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Lunch on Bornholm

Everyone needs lunch - especially after having spent all day on the beach or having explored all of Bornholm. 

Here's a list of our favourite lunch spots to save you some time.  

Inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm

Find the latest stories from Bornholm and our tips for experiences on the island in our articles.