Here's where you should dine on Bornholm

Are you looking to be inspired by the Bornholmer kitchen or are you simply too tired to make your own dinner? Perhaps you've made your way to Bornholm exclusively for the taste experience? No matter what brought you to Bornholm, there's good reason to go on a gastronomic exploration across the island.

A lot has happened on the island these last couple of years, and if you were to ask us, Bornholm shouldn't solely be known as Sunshine Island, but also as Food Island. New exciting and creative restaurants have entered the stage, and the well-established ones, with years of experience, keep impressing us and our taste buds.

We have put together a list of the restaurants we prefer on the island right now. Here you will find alternatives for the whole family, the ones with an appetite, and for those who are looking for good chow that doesn't ruin your budget. 


Gourmet for the food-enthusiast

Kadeau, Pedersker

Picturesque and hidden, surrounded by sand, sea, and forest on southern Bornholm - we present Kadeau. In an old beach pavilion awaits an exploration of modern, Bornholmer-Nordic cuisine, based on local produce. The place has been renovated and decorated in bright materials, and the food is, inter alia, served on Bornholmer ceramics. All in all, a high-quality experience that people travel from afar to try. 

Kadeau has been recognized for its high standard, and received its first Michelin star in 2016, which they have maintained ever since. 

Address: Baunevej 18, Aakirkeby


Stammershalle Badehotel & Restaurant, Tejn

Stammershalle Badehotel & Restaurant is encompassed by the wild Bornholmer nature and crude cliffs. The barren nature is a stark contrast to the restaurant's bright and cozy interior, from where you can enjoy dinner as well as the view of the Baltic Sea and the craggy coast.

Daniel Kruse worked at Stammershalle when he in 2012 won the title Chef of the Year. Even though Daniel has since quit to start up his own place, Stammershalle still delivers in high standards. The dishes are locally inspired and characterized by seasonal ingredients.

Over the years, Stammershalle has built up quite the crowd of regulars, who visits time and time again. This is not least due to the outstanding hospitality, which i.a. Henrik Petersen ensures.

Address: Sdr. Strandvej 128, Tejn


Child-friendly establishments

Restaurant Pakhuset, Svaneke

Restaurant Pakhuset in Svaneke is located deep in the heart of Svaneke, between Svaneke Torv and the harbour, in an old, red warehouse. The restaurant is especially known for its child-friendly atmosphere, with room for both the young and old. The menu is extensive and you will without a doubt find a dish for you. You can choose between a variety of courses of fish and meat, and there's also a seperate kids menu with classic kids meals such as fish fillets, nuggets, and meatballs.

The steak on a plank has in particular been a classic throughout the years, and, as for the children, they seem to find great pleasure in the self-serve ice cream bar, with its abundance of frostings and sprinkles.

Address: Brænderigænget 3, Svaneke


Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant, Svaneke

If you're longing for a good meal and a beer in a cozy environment, go to Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant. Most of the food is, to the most possible extent, based on the local cuisine, and offers something for everyone. On the menu are courses of fish and meat, and for the kids you can order known child favourites such as Pasta Bolognese, fish fillet, and fish meatballs.

If the mood is right, the grown-ups should try one of the many locally brewed beers. The beers are brewed in a big copper boiler, and the restaurant's brewmaster likes to experiment with new brews that are only available in the restaurant. 

The restaurant is a favourite among both tourists and locals. Wherefore it's open all year round, giving you the oppurtunity to visit the restaurant even during winter. 

Address: Svaneke Torv 5, Svaneke


Texas, Rønne

In Rønne you'll find the American inspired steak restaurant, Texas. Visiting the restaurant is a given if you like steaks, burgers, and ribs - for all of it is on the menu. Also, there is a seperate kids menu.

The atmosphere at Texas is amiable and relaxed. Our primary reason to visit the restaurant - besides the food, of course - is the feeling of its intimacy and service. At Texas you'll always be greeted with utmost hospitality, like you are a long lost patron coming back home.

Texas shows the major sporting events in its premises. Super Bowl especially has become a success for the restaurant in Rønne, which also is open all year round. 

Address: Store Torvegade 14, Rønne


Good food, better prices

Melsted Badehotel, Melsted

In 2018 Melsted Badehotel got new owners. They brought a skillful kitchen staff with them and opened up its doors for the island's guests and locals. Since then, the seaside hotel's restaurant has become a success on Bornholm's east coast, and we can certainly understand why! 

Badehotellet is authentic and the restaurant serves classic cuisine. The food is neat, well-cooked, and is based on seasonal ingredients. On the menu you'll find, among other things, fried plaice, which you can enjoy along with the beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. 

You can either dine in the restaurant or, if the weather is clear, sit outside on the terrace.

Address: Melstedvej 27, Gudhjem


Provianten, Gudhjem

One of our absolute favourites since 2018. A cozy port bar in Gudhjem harbour with room for chatter and prattle, communal dining, and wine tasting. It's on the small side and space is therefore limited. Provianten is a bar and not a restaurant, but it's still possible to get your hands on something appetizing to eat. You can order simple, flavourful dishes, and most commonly there are one or two plat du jour combined with a couple of standard dishes.

On Wednesdays it's "onsdagsmad" (Wednesday food), where you dine by a long table with everyone else who might turn up. They serve one course, often on big platters and in big bowls. It's a pleasant way to enjoy a good meal and a great way to meet new people - locals as well as tourists.

Provianten are very focused on organic and biodynamic wines that you can taste by the bar or purchase to bring back home. A truly lovely place if you appreciate natural wine. 

Address: Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 28, Gudhjem


Det Røde Pakhus, Rønne

Det Røde Pakhus is a restaurant located in the heart of Rønne. This is where Troels and Daniel - who are also the ones behind Restaurant Molen in Nexø -  have opened up a long anticipated restaurant in i Rønne. 

The owners' vision for Det Røde Pakhus is to combine "the best the sea and the forest has to offer in one place" and thereby offer the guests an experience out of the ordinary. The menu varies depending on the season, but will always have something for everyone, regardless if you prefer fish, meat, or vegetarian dishes. The restaurant is cheerful and charming with a relaxed atmosphere and agreeable prices. Definitely worth a visit!

Address: Snellemark 30, Rønne


Several of the aforementioned restaurants also serve lunch. We've put together a list of our own favourite lunch spots right here.

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