Explore Denmark's most beautiful market town

Svaneke is a beautiful town and has been named Denmark's most beautiful market town. Svaneke is located on the east coast of Bornholm - right where the coast "breaks" south towards Nexø. 

A lot of people bespeak Svaneke as a town of culture, on account of it often being visited by artists, musicians, and authors as well as being the home of some. The town has its own school, which makes it bustle with life all year round. Generally, Svaneke is an enterprising town and thus one of the most visited towns on Bornholm. 

Svaneke Torv

The square in Svaneke is a natural gathering place for the small town of about 1100 people. Practically every Saturday, there's a big market where primarily artisans showcase their works.

At and around Svaneke Torv, there are several options when it comes to quenching thirst and satiating hunger. Here you will find a bakery, a chocolate shop, an ice cream parlor, a candy shop, Søllings Bodega, Svaneke Brewery, and a handfull of restaurants.

If you continue on from the square towards the harbour, you will reach Glastorvet. Here, the absence of cars bring about a whole other kind of peace and quiet, and you can find outdoor dining in the sun while being sheltered from a possible easterly wind.

Svaneke Havn

Down by the harbour, you can experience the town's last fisher, who still goes out fishing and sells it from the dock. If you proceed to the left, towards Listed in the north, you will end up by the new harbour bath. A lot of locals come here, especially in the morning. During summer it's primarily used by young folk, who have a jolly good time with the ramp.

Farther along the coast, the town has gradually built up a smaller food-mecca. Here you can buy fish & chips and ice cream, among other things, that can be enjoyed by the cliffs.

Should you instead wander to the right upon reaching the harbour, you will wind up at Hullehavn. Hullehavn is an old harbour that nowadays acts as the favourite bathing spot and beach for the locals as well as tourists.

Restaurants in Svaneke

Restaurant Pakhuset

Restaurant Pakhuset in Svaneke is located deep in the heart of Svaneke, between Svaneke Torv and the harbour, in an old, red warehouse. The restaurant is especially known for its child-friendly atmosphere, with room for both the young and old. The menu is extensive and you will without a doubt find a dish for you. You can choose between a variety of courses of fish and meat, and there's also a seperate kids menu with classic kids meals such as fish fillets, nuggets, and meatballs.

The steak on a plank has in particular been a classic throughout the years, and, as for the children, they seem to find great pleasure in the self-serve ice cream bar, with its abundance of frostings and sprinkles.

Address: Brænderigænget 3

Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant

If you're longing for a good meal and a beer in a cozy environment, go to Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant. Most of the food is, to the most possible extent, based on the local cuisine, and offers something for everyone. On the menu are courses of fish and meat, and for the kids you can order known child favourites such as Pasta Bolognese, fish fillet, and fish meatballs.

If the mood is right, the grown-ups should try one of the many locally brewed beers. The beers are brewed in a big copper boiler, and the restaurant's brewmaster likes to experiment with new brews that are only available in the restaurant. 

The restaurant is a favourite among both tourists and locals. Wherefore it's open all year round, giving you the oppurtunity to visit the restaurant even during winter. 

Address: Svaneke Torv 5


Down by the harbour, in annex to the local herring factory, Christiansøpigens sild, you will find the small kiosk Silden. At Silden you can buy fish & chips or a heap of herring from Christiansøpigen. 

Silden serves fish & chips exclusively, and thus, naturally, they've gained a certain amount of expertise of the process. The food attracts people from around the whole island, and you can be sure to wait in line during summer days.

Enjoy your fish & chips at lunch or dinner while watching the view of the harbour from Silden's seatings.

Address: Gruset 7

Badesteder ved Svaneke


In Svaneke you'll find a small gem called Hullehavn. It's an old harbour, that has been altered to accommodate swimming. You can jump in from the edge of the old pier, or off the trampoline that's fitted during the summer months. The smallest members of the family can swim right by the shore where the water isn't very deep.

The sand is bit rough, and the bottom is made up of cliffs and rocks. There's a volleyball court on the beach which is free to use, just remember to bring a ball. 

Behind the beach you'll find the beach bar Syd Øst for Paradis. Here they serve cold drinks, some light lunch, and ice cream. If you grow tired of the beach, just head over to the bar's comfortable lounge. In the summer they often have live music in the evenings.

Svaneke's coziest hotel

Enjoy a relaxing holiday on Bornholm, staying at Hotel Siemsens Gaard. 

Hotel Siemsens Gaard is an old grocery store from the 17th century that has since the 1930's been a hotel. The hotel has a perfect spot in Svaneke harbour, and is therefore - by us - deemed to be one of the hotels with absolute best placement on Bornholm.

The place radiates of history and pure holiday spirit. Eat a superb dinner at the hotel's restaurant while enjoying the view of the Baltic Sea, watching the activity in Svaneke harbour.

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