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Even though Bornholm is not that big, there is a large selection of accommodation to choose from.

Do you want to step directly into nature at the campsite, enjoy a little extra pampering at the beach hotel or get the feeling of "home" in a holiday home? Perhaps something completely different?

You can without a doubt find a place to stay that suits exactly the way you like to spend your holidays.

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Par går ved siden af hinanden i vandkanten på stranden ved solnedgang

Package holidays to Bornholm

Book accommodation and ferry in one package.

Make your holiday planning easy and book a package trip where you get accommodation and a ferry ticket in one place. 

You can choose between two different types of package tours. You can choose to tailor your package with the accommodation and the experiences you want. You can also choose to leave the decision to us and then we select the accommodation that we know is the most in demand among the island's many guests.

Ferry ticket to and from the island is included in both packages. 

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Bornholmslinjen ved kaj

How to get to Bornholm

It's easy to get to Bornholm, and you can get here in several different ways.

The most popular way of travel to Bornholm, and the one we recommend - is with Bornholmslinjen, a ferry that goes between Ystad and Rønne multiple times every day. The ferry is also known as "Bornholmerfærgen", like it used to be called. These days the trip has become really fast and only takes about 80 minutes.

You can easily get to Ystad via car, train, or bus. Bornholmerbussen has departures from Copenhagen that are scheduled to be right on time, for most departures. 

Find more information about your trip to Bornholm and book your bus- and/or ferryticket right away. 

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