Winter swimming on Bornholm

Are you one of the many who has gotten addicted to the rush of happiness that flows through your body after a dip in the icy water? Or perhaps you're an experienced winter swimmer with loads of seasons behind you already? 

Winter swimming has become a huge hit among the Danes, and many winter swimmers will walk through ice (quite literally) to get into the water during the winter months. A dip in the icy water is supposed to be good for both body and soul, and many winter swimmers describe the feeling after a dip in the water as a boost of energy and happiness. 

On Bornholm, winter swimming has also become a great hit, and the number of members in the local swimming clubs are increasing. 

However, you don't need to be a member of a swimming club to jump into the icy water of the Baltic Sea while visiting Bornholm. We have complied a list of great spots for winter swimming on Bornholm right here. All spots have one or more bathing ladders, so you can easily get in and out of the water. 

Remember, swimming is at your own risk. Feel free to read the good advice for winter swimming we have collected at the end of this guide, so you can have a safe winter swimming experience.

In Hasle harbour you'll find Hasle harbour bath, a lovely bathing spot, which is also extremely suitable for winter swimming. 

The harbour bath is a floating platform and consists of multiple levels, two springboards and several pools. The platform is also a wonderful place to enjoy the view of Hasle, the harbour and the Baltic Sea all year round. Maybe you want to enjoy a warm cup of coffee after a dip in the water? Then this is the perfect spot to do so. 

The local swimming club is based by the harbour bath where they have a small house with its own sauna and private access to a pool via a bathing ladder. As a visitor, you can immerse yourself into the water in the inner pools of the harbour bath or in the deeper water surrounding the platform. 


Havnen 25b, 3790 Hasle

Snogebæk harbour is the easternmost harbour on South Bornholm, and the village has become an increasingly popular destination for the island's tourists. As a winter swimmer, you have really great conditions on Snogebæk harbour.

By the end of a long wooden bridge is a small marina and a lovely bathing spot with three bathing ladders. Here you'll also find tables and benches; a great spot to sit and enjoy a hot drink after your dip in the water. 

The local bathing and sauna club has its own sauna on the marina which is reserved for club members. As a guest, you're welcome to use the bathing ladders into the icy Baltic Sea and feel the rush of true winter swimming happiness flow through your body. 


Hovedgade 1K, 3730 Nexø

Right on the harbour in Svaneke, you'll find two great places to winter swim. 

On one side of the harbour is the local bathing club with its own bathing ladder. As a visitor, you can buy access to the club (50 DKK for 24 hours), which - in addition to its own ladder - also has an outdoor shower and a sauna. You can read more about how to buy access as a guest to Svaneke bathing club here (in Danish).

On the other side of the harbour you'll find the public harbour bath with several bathing ladders and a diving platform in three levels. Open for everyone - both locals and guests. 

The bathing areas in this part of the harbour are shielded from large waves in different ways. The diving platform and one of the ladders are surrounded by a "wall" of rocks, which creates a small pool and keeps the big waves out. The other bathing ladders are located a little further inside the harbour itself, which creates calm waters that you can safely dip into.


Public harbour bath: Gruset 2, 3740 Svaneke

Svaneke bathing club: Havnebakken 4, 3740 Svaneke

At Sandvig harbour you'll find a really great winter swimming spot with two bathing ladders and great swimming conditions. 

The one of the two ladders is placed in a notch in the harbour and is therefore more shielded from the waves than the other ladder. The other ladder is located a little further out where the waves can be a bit more wild depending on the wind and weather. However, the more exposed bathing ladder is placed by some large rocks that keep the worst waves out. 

The local sauna and winter swimming club has had a sauna build, which in general is reserved for the members of the club. However, as a guest, you can actually buy a one-day ticket to the sauna (40 DKK) in the port machine which is placed on the harbour. Read more about how to purchase a ticket and about rules for using the club's sauna here (in Danish).

From Sandvig harbour you have a stunning view of Sandvig beach and the beautiful scenic area, Hammerknuden. We can't recommend this winter swimming spot enough!


Strandpromenaden 20, 3770 Allinge

Nørrekås beach in Rønne is a fine little sandy beach with a jetty and a cosy view of Rønne marina. Of the three beaches in Rønne, Nørrekås is the smallest. Due to its central location in Rønne, the beach is particularly popular among the locals who want to take a dip in the sea all year round.

At the end of the jetty is a smaller platform with a good and wide bathing ladder. The water is a bit more shallow here than by the other winter swimming spots on this list. 

The swimming conditions are great here with a sandy bottom and clear water. If you're new to winter swimming, Nørrekås is a really great spot to start out. 


Nørrekås 16, 3700 Rønne

Arnager is a small fishing village where the harbour is connected to the coast by a long wooden bridge. In fact, the bridge is Northern Europe's longest wooden bridge over open sea and is just under 200 meters long. Arnager is worth a visit regardless of whether you're looking for a great winter swimming spot or not. 

By the end of the long bridge is Arnager harbour; a small harbour island with boats, yachts and two bathing ladders.

The bathing ladders are located in two different places on the harbour. The one ladder is a bit more shielded from the waves which can be quite wild on this part of the island. The other bathing ladder is more exposed to waves, and you need to be extra careful if you're using this ladder when the weather is windy and the waves are high. 

In the middle of the bridge, you'll also find a wooden staircase that goes into the water. The bridge shields the staircase from the big waves, so the water is a little calmer here. 


Slugten 3, 3700 Rønne


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Safe winter swimming

Here are a few good tips for safe winter swimming taken from TrygFonden Respekt for vand:

  • Do not swim alone
  • Walk slowly and carefully on the jetty and on the ladders, as these might be slippery with ice and snow. A good idea is to use bathing shoes.
  • Try to gain control of your breathing by taking calm breaths as you lower yourself into the water
  • Avoid submerging your head in the water and wear a hat to avoid rapid cooling
  • Put on warm clothes after your dip in the water and drink a hot drink afterwards to warm up your body from the inside

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