Find og book a hostel on Bornholm

Are you going on holiday on the coast of Bornholm for a week or are you planning a hiking or cycling holiday with several stops along the way? Then the hostels on Bornholm are ideal choices for good and comfortable accommodation that won't blow the budget. 

You will find a number of wonderfuld hostels on Bornholm, all of which are ready to welcome you. Spend the night at Danhostel Sandvig in the charming summer town, Sandvig. Stay with direct access to Nexø harbour at Harbour Sleep or wake up to the most beautiful sunrise at Gudhjem Hostel.

Towns with hostels on Bornholm

Bornholm has many cosy and often family-run hostels spread around the island. Stay close to nature, by the water or in the middle of the charming old towns.


In Allinge-Sandvig you live close to Hammershus, one of the most popular attractions on Bornholm. You can also spend the night in Nexø; a former fishing village which is rapidly developing and offers a buzzing city life all year round. Gudhjem is known for the regional dish 'Sol over Gudhjem' for the cooking competition of the same name and not least for its role as gateway to Denmark's easternmost point, Christiansø.

Read a little more about the town on Bornholm and book your stay at one of the island's hostels below. 

Inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm

Explore the unique nature around Hammerknuden and Dueodde, dive into culture and history with a visit to Hammershus and the cannon positions or taste the local produce at some of the many fantastic restaurants on the island. Find even more inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm in our articles where we give tips and recommendations for your holiday.