Where to get the best ice cream on Bornholm?

Bornholm is full of great ice cream places that serve delicious and refreshing ice cream for the hot summer days, but also for the colder and rainy ones. If you ask us, ice cream should be on the menu no matter the weather or time of year.

On Bornholm you can get all kinds of ice cream; scooped, soft serve, sorbets, popsicles and the popular Krølle Bølle is. It's up to you to decide what you like best.

But the million-dollar question is: Where should you go to get the very best ice cream on Bornholm? We have some really good suggestions in this guide, and we're sure there is something to your liking.

Få din is i et bæger eller i en sprød vaffel hos KALAS
Hos KALAS bruger de lokale råvarer i isen, og udvalget i frysedisken varierer derfor i løbet af sæsonen
KALAS holder til i et gammelt kølehus ved havnen i Sandvig og har en skøn udsigt over vandet og klipperne

KALAS, Sandvig

KALAS is a favourite among locals and tourists alike, and offers both an ice cream bar at the front and a café in the back of the building. 

Behind KALAS is a family of five who have run the lovely ice cream bar since 2015. The family prioritizes using local ingredients in the ice cream, and therefore the selection in the counter also varies throughout the season.

You can find classic flavours such as strawberry and chocolate in the counter, but if you want to try something a little different, KALAS is a great place to do just that.

When we visited, we tasted, among other things, a cardamom ice cream, which was a different flavour experience, but nevertheless an incredibly delicious one at that. KALAS also had an apple-basil ice cream in the counter, which we are very much looking forward to tasting next time we visit. 

KALAS is based in an ice house at the harbour in Sandvig, which was used to store ice for the town's fishermen to use for the day's catch. For this reason, KALAS is located directly by the water, and from the café's wooden terrace you can step directly onto the beautiful rocks and get even closer to the water. A fantastic place to enjoy one of the absolute best ice creams on Bornholm.

Address: Strandpromenaden 14, 3770 Allinge (by Sandvig harbour)

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Bornholms Ismejeri og Kaffebar i Svaneke serverer en af de bedste is på Bornholm
De er ikke nærige med mængden af is i vaflen hos Bornholms Ismejeri i Svaneke
Smag en af de bedste is på Bornholm hos Bornholms Ismejeri og Kaffebar i Svaneke

Bornholms Ismejeri & Kaffebar, Svaneke

Bornholms Ismejeri & Kaffebar (ice cream parlour & coffee shop) has been one of our absolute favourite ice cream parlours for many years now. Here, the counter is always filled with freshly made ice cream in a sea of different flavours; smooth ice cream made from farm milk from local farms and refreshing sorbets from sun-ripened berries and fruits. 

When the season is right, the ice cream dairy uses berries and fruits from local growers. For example, it could be figs from Listed, kiwifruit from South Bornholm or cherries from the ice cream parlours' own plantation in Melsted. You can also find more exotic flavours based on foreign spices, berries and fruits. 

Bornholms Ismejeri is particularly known for experimenting with textures, ingredients and flavours, so it's always exciting to see what they have in the counter, and maybe try a new flavour that you wouldn't normally go for. 

You can get your ice cream in a cup or a waffle. If you ask us, always go for the waffle; they are homemade, perfectly crunchy and are nothing short of absolutely delicious. 

Enjoy your ice cream while you walk around Svaneke, up to the town square or down to the harbour. Or you can enjoy it in the ice cream parlour's cosy, green courtyard just behind the shop. 

Address: Postgade 3, 3740 Svaneke

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Tør du smage den sorte is med kul hos Yes & Morti i Svaneke?
Anderledes, flotte og smagfulde is hos Yes & Morti på Bornholm
Besøg Yes & Morti på havnen i Svaneke

Yes & Morti, Svaneke

Down by the harbour in Svaneke, you'll find the ice cream and coffee shop, Yes & Morti, which since opening in 2022 has taken both locals and tourists by storm - and we understand why!

Here you can and ice cream experience out of the ordinary; both your eyes and taste buds are treated to sumptuous ice cream with lots of sprinkles, crumbles and toppings presented in fascinating ways. 

One of the favourites among Yes & Morti's customers is the shop's iconic black soft serve. Yes, you read that right; black soft serve. Activated charcoal has been added to the soft serve, giving it its unsual colour, but don't worry; the ice cream tastes great of vanilla.  

You can also choose from delicious ice creams and sorbets from the counter and have them served in pink, black or regular waffles. Or try one of the shop's popular soft serve specials, which both taste and look absolutely fantastic.

We tried the iconic Lynstang (lightening rod) with pineapple sorbet, black soft serve, fresh pineapple and whipped cream. But it was difficult to choose, and next time we till try Æbledrøm (apple dream) inspired by the classic, Danish dessert, æblekage (apple crumble) or the Oreo soft serve with lots of chocolate, Oreo and caramel. 

Yes & Morti continulously adjust their soft serve specials according to the season, so there are always new varieties and flavours to try. In the summer months you can e.g. find rhubarb/cream and strawberry on the menu, while autumn can offer carrot cake with cream cheese. We look forward to returning and taste even more ice cream at Yes & Morti!

Address: Havnebryggen 7b, 3740 Svaneke

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Masser af lækre flødeis og sorbeter i frysedisken hos Gudhjem Is
Du finder Gudhjem Is på havnen i Gudhjem
Få din is i et sprødt, hjemmebagt vaffel eller i bæger hos Gudhjem Is

Gudhjem Is, Gudhjem

Gudhjem Is is a cosy ice cream parlour and is located right by the harbour in Gudhjem. The ice cream parlour is one of the oldest on Bornholm and has served ice cream in Gudhjem since 1959. With the long history of ice cream making comes a lot of experience and passion for ice cream, which you can both taste and feel when you enter Gudhjem Is. 

The ice cream at Gudhjem Is is inspired by classic Italian ice cream with both traditional and slightly more creative flavours. The ice cream is produced in the store's own premises and is based on milk from the local dairy. In addition to scooped ice cream, you can sink your teeth into homemade soft serve and homemade marshmallow fluff in different flavours such as raspberry, licorice and vanilla. 

Gudhjem Is is known for its huge ice cream, the "Apollo" waffle; the size of the ice cream makes most people drop their jaw. The ice cream is no less than half a meter tall and consists of one large and one small waffle, 6 scoops, soft serve, chocolate-covered marshmallow puffs, sprinkles and a Danish flag on top. 

Of course, you can also just settle for a normal-size ice cream in a waffle or cup. The flavours depend on the available seasonal ingredients and vary from day to day. There will therefore always be something for every taste and a good reason to visit again another day.

Address: Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 26, 3760 Gudhjem

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Smag den populære og hjemmelavede is på gedemælk hos Lykkelund Gedemejeri på Bornholm
Lene hos Lykkelund Gedemejeri og Besøgsgård langer en af de bedste is på Bornholm over disken
Nyd din is ude eller inde hos Lykkelund Gedemejeri på Bornholm

Lykkelund Gedemejeri og Besøgsgård, Østerlars

At Lykkelund Gedemejeri & Besøgsgård (goat dairy and visitor farm), just outside of Gudhjem, you can get creamy, fresh and homemade ice cream produced with organic goat's milk from the farm's own goats. This is an ice cream that is already famous on the rest of Bornholm, and which draws locals from every corner of the island to the farm.

The ice cream is made according to an Italian recipe, and you can usually find around 9-10 different and delicious flavours in the ice cream counter. Here you can find classic flavours such as cherry, blueberry and mint, but also flavours like salted caramel, coffee and hazelnut. As with most other ice cream places, the flavours at Lykkelund Gedemejeri vary depending on the season and available ingredients, so you can easily come back another time to try a new variety. 

Dairy products from goats can often have a distinctive taste that not everyone is a fan of. And if you are one of those who are not so fond of the taste, you can safely pass by Lykkelund Gedemejeri and taste their ice cream anyway. The ice cream is creamy, delicious and in no way tastes "of goat". 

Not only can you taste the wonderful ice cream from the farm's goats, you can also meet the goats, pet them and even join in when they are milked. Lykkelund Gedemejeri also has a visitor farm, where you can walk around and meet the farm's many animals at your leisure. In addition to goats, you can also meet Kune Kune pigs, lambs, donkeys, guinea pigs and several different birds. Buy your day ticket to Lykkelund Goat Dairy and Visitor Farm here

Address: Krækketsvej 3, Østerlars, 3760 Gudhjem

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Krølle Bølle ice cream on Bornholm

Krølle Bølle is er hjemvendt til Bornholm og kan købes mange steder på øen
Den populære Krølle Bølle is er tilbage på Bornholm
Krøllebølle is er populær hos store og små, og du kan finde den hos Bornholms Ismejeri i Svaneke

The Krølle Bølle ice cream is named after the mischievous, fictional young troll, Krølle Bølle, who lived in Langebjerg on North Bornholm with his family. For many years, Krølle Bølle has been a beloved and well-known Bornholm figure who has been extensively used for a sea of Bornholm merchandise; everything from key rings, teddy bears and t-shirts and not least the popular Krølle Bølle ice cream. 

The Krølle Bølle ice cream has a long history and was first produced on a small dairy in Rø on Bornholm in 1958. Since then, the production has had several different locations and in 2008 production was moved to Central Jutland and later to Fyn. For this reason, it has been almost impossible to find Krølle Bølle ice cream on Bornholm for several years. 

But in 2023, Krølle Bølle ice cream has finally returned home to Bornholm and will once again be produced locally. Bornholms Ismejeri in Svaneke has taken over the rights to produce Krølle Bølle ice cream, which can now be found as a popsicle in several, refreshing flavours at a number of shops all over Bornholm.

Where can you buy Krølle Bølle ice cream on Bornholm?

You can of course buy Krølle Bølle ice cream at Bornholms Ismejeri og Kaffebar in Svaneke. Otherwise, several eateries, kiosks and shops on Bornholm also sell the popular ice cream. You can e.g. buy Krølle Bølle ice cream at Dideriks Veranda at Hotel Sandvig Havn and in the kiosk next to Ekkodalshuset by Ekkodalen.

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