The best smokehouses on Bornholm

You have without a doubt noticed the many chimneys of the island's smokehouses while moving about Bornholm. And if you have yet to discover the sunshine island personally, you have surely heard of Bornholm being referred to as "the place with smoked herring" and its regional dish 'Sol over Gudhjem' (Sun above Gudhjem).

A lot of the island's smokehouses are no longer in use, but the few that still are produce smoked herring, mackerel, and other delicious smoked products. However, as with so much else, the quality varies from place to place.

Therefore we've comprised a list on the top five contenders for Bornholm's best smokehouse, so that you can rest easy about which places to visit for some smoked herring.

Svaneke Røgeri ligger lige ud til vandet og klippekyst
Varmrøget laks med kartoffelsalat hos Svaneke Røgeri
Ikoniske skorsten hos Svaneke Røgeri

Svaneke Røgeri, Svaneke

Not too far off from the city center and Svaneke Torv, by the water on your way to Listed, you'll find the fantastic Svaneke Røgeri (Svaneke Smokehouse). It's a family-run business and the trade has been passed down through four generations.

The smokehouse is located on the cliffs, which gives you a near majestic view of the Baltic Sea. When the sky is blue and the weather clear, you can see all the way to Christiansø. 

The owners have established the smokehouse as a combination of both restaurant and shop - and we are fond of both. It's never a bad idea to bring your smoked fish with you and savor it while surrounded by nature. Just a short, five-minute walk down the path towards Listed, there are plenty of spots to enjoy your food in peace and quiet.

Besides the smoked herring, which is a classic, we are also especially keen on their hot-smoked salmon.

Svaneke Røgeri opens around Easter and remains open until October. If you can't wait, feel free to visit the smokehouse's webshop to order a shipment of goodies to your doorstep.

Address: Fiskergade 12, Svaneke

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Nexø Gamle Røgeri
Røget makrel og kartoffelsalat hos Nexø Gamle Røgeri
Udsigten fra Nexø Gamle Røgeri

Nexø Gamle Røgeri, Nexø

While driving from Nexø to Svaneke, you'll be able to see Nexø Gamle Røgeri on your right side, about 200 meters before exiting Nexø. It is difficult to avoid noticing the smokehouse with its big chimneys. 

The smokehouse has a wide variety of various smoked products.  Røgeriet har et stort sortiment af forskellige røgvarer. Apart from the smoked herring and salmon, we are particularly smitten by the smokehouse's mackerel. Unique for Nexø Gamle Røgeri is that they also smoke products other than fish! Cheese, sausages, chicken and hams are some of what is also smoked and sold at the smokehouse.

It's possible to either bring your purchased goods with you or enjoy one of the many dishes from the smokehouse's menu in the glazed cabin, where you'll have a beatiful view of the water. During summer it's rather lovely to take a seat outside on the spacious terrace while the little ones run around on the playground beside it.

The smokehouse is open from March to October. As well as a couple of days during Christmas to allow the locals to acquire fish and shellfish for their Christmas dinners.

Address: Stenbrudsvej 22, Nexø

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Nyd din frokost med smuk udsigt over klipper og Østersøen hos Nordbornholms Røgeri
Nordbornholms Røgeri ligger i Allinge
Nordbornholms Røgeri byder på en stor og lækker fiskebuffet

Nordbornholms Røgeri, Allinge

Nordbornholms Røgeri is located right by the waterfront and cliffs in Allinge. In the shop, which you enter through one end of the building, you can purchase fish and shellfish as takeaway for lunch or dinner. The restaurant lies just around the corner.

This is where you can truly enjoy northern Bornholm's specialities or the large fish buffet, which is extremely popular amongst both the locals and the tourists. The buffet offers herring in all shapes and sizes, curry herring, marinated herring, smoked herring and pickled herring, among others. If you're not too keen on herring fill your plate with smoked eel or salmon, perhaps shellfish soup or shrimp salad instead. There are also alternatives for those who don't like fish at all.

If you're not currently visiting the island, but feel the crave for a homemade meal from Bornholm, you can order some of the smokehouse's delicacies from their webshop and have it shipped to you. 

Nordbornholms Røgeri is open from Easter and until October.

Address: Kæmpestranden 2, Allinge

Tag en tur forbi Bakkarøgeriet og spis en god frokost
Bakkarøgeriet er hyggeligt indrettet med en masse sjove fund
Nyd din frokost med en fantastisk udsigt på Bakkarøgeriets terrasse

Bakkarøgeriet, Pedersker

Before you make your way to the small harbour in Vestre Sømarken, you'll arrive at Bakkarøgeriet. The smokehouse is located by a local, little fishing spot. You will step right into the store, where, behind the counter, you will be able to see directly into the oven and the menu for the day that is being prepared inside. 

We prefer to eat our lunch on the spot at Bakkarøgeriet, for if you continue through the building there's a charming restaurant, decorated with fishing nets, hoop nets, and other traditional fishing gear.

If the weather is favorable, eat your fish on the terrace behind the smokehouse - you will have a beautiful view of the water. During summer and peak season here will often be theme oriented evenings or evenings filled with music, which could also be worth your time. 

The smokehouse opens up for the season in April.

Address: Østre Sømarksvej 29, Aakirkeby

Nyd din mad enten ude eller inde hos Hasle Røgeri på Bornholm
Fiskebuffet med en masse forskellige fisk og røgvarer hos Hasle Røgeri

Hasle Røgeri, Hasle

In the outskirts of Hasle, all the way down by the water, Hasle Røgeri can be found in an open landscape. It's easily accessible by both bicycle and car. The area is particularly child-friendly due to its playground right next to the building.

Hasle Røgeri is one of the most visited smokehouses on Bornholm, and is also, decisively, our favorite on the west coast of Bornholm.

At Hasle Røgeri it's possible to purchase delicious smoked goods and other delicacies to bring back home, as well as enjoy a meal in the restaurant. The restaurant offers a fish buffet with lots of fish, shellfish, and specialities of Bornholm. It's also possible to choose a dish from the menu. There's a little bit for everyone at Hasle Røgeri.

The smokehouse is open from the end of March until the end of October.

Address: Søndre Bæk 20, Hasle

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