Gudhjem - winding streets, cliffs and old charm

Gudhjem is beautifully located on a mountainside on the eastern part of Bornholm and is an incredibly charming harbour town with winding streets, small shops, cosy eateries and a buzzing harbour. 

The process of smoking fish on Bornholm all started in Gudhjem back in the 1860s, as evidenced by the town's many characteristic chimneys that still remain today. The craft spread from Gudhjem to the rest of the island, and today especially smoked herring and the dish Sol over Gudhjem has become a characteristic of Bornholm.

 With its many exciting experiences and activities in and around it, Gudhjem is today one of the most popular towns on all of Bornholm. You can e.g. visit The Medieval Centre of Bornholm, take the ferry to Christiansø and explore the beautiful nature by Røverborgen and Helligdomsklipperne.


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Wake up in Gudhjem

There are several great options for accommodation in Gudhjem and there is something for you, regardless of whether you prefer a cosy hostel, luxery at the seaside hotel or want something in between. 

Here you can easily find and book your accommodation in Gudhjem.

Restaurants and eateries in Gudhjem


In the middle of the winding streets of Gudhjem, you'll find this little gem of a eatery that we are absolutely loving. Here you can get gorgeous tapas and lovely drinks, beer and wine.

Spektakel is open during the summer months and only has outdoor serving in their cosy courtyard and backyard. The eatery is popoular with both locals and tourists, and we completely understand why.

The menu at Spektakel is short but nevertheless incredibly delicious. We can highly recommend their large tapas board for 2-3 people, where you get a little bit of (almost) everything from the menu. You can also choose some small dishes and that way put together your own tapas table with the dishes you think sound the most delicious. Combine with a cold drink, a local beer, a glass of organic wine or one of the other lovely drinks on the menu and enjoy!

Address: Åbogade 2, 3760 Gudhjem



Provianten is one of our absolute favourites in Gudhjem. A cozy bar by the harbour with plenty of room for chatter and prattle, communal dining and wine tasting.

Provianten is a bar and not a restaurant, but it's still possible to get your hands on something appetizing and filling to eat. The menu always offers two warm dishes of the day - often a meat stew and a vegetarian pie - along with a handfull of different snacks.

On Thursdays, Provianten hosts communal dining, where you dine by a long table with everyone else who might want to join. They serve one dish, often on big platters and in big bowls. A pleasant way to enjoy a good meal for a meagre sum (95 DKK) and a great way to meet new people - locals as well as tourists. Remember to sign up by calling Provianten, if you want to join the communal dining.

Address: Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 28, Gudhjem



By the harbour in the northern part of Gudhjem, you’ll find the small and cosy coffee shop and café, Norresan. Here you can satisfy your hunger in light dishes and quench your thirst in lemonade while enjoying the beautiful view of the cliffs and water.

Norresan often has a toasted sandwich with homemade bread on the menu. We can definitely also recommend Norresan's famous and delicious open sandwich with potatoes, a so-called "kartoffelmad" in Danish. 

Here you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, a snack or small, homemade lunch. The menu will often offer a toasted sandwich with home baked bread, and otherwise Norresan is known for their delicious open sandwich with potatoes, a so called "kartoffelmad" in Danish. Take your lunch to-go or enjoy it in Norresan's beautiful indoor space or in their ourdoor area with a breathtaking view of the Baltic Sea. 

Norresan is run by Pernille and her team, who provide a cosy and welcoming atmosphere and have decorated the space beautifully. Besides being a great place to get lunch, Norresan is also worth a visit if you're on the hunt for a cup of coffee, a piece of homemade cake or maybe a drink. If you're in Gudhjem in the evening, then Norresan is a great place to enjoy the sunset.

Address: Nørresand 10, Gudhjem