Bornholm's most stunning waterfalls

Most waterfalls on Bornholm are best to visit in the spring months. The winter's melted snow and the spring's wet grounds mean that there is more water in the streams - and also much more activity in the waterfalls. If you visit the waterfalls during other seasons, you may run the risk that there is no water in the streams at all, and then the waterfalls are of course not nearly as exciting. 

For that reason, we recommend that you visit the waterfalls in the spring months, also giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful forest floors covered in fresh, green ramsons and lovely spring flowers.


Døndalen is one of the many rift valleys on Bornholm. And in the middle of the lush valley, the water from Døndaleåen (Døndale stream) falls no less than 20 meters, divides into several sections on a beautiful rock wall and then trickles on into the stream, which is surrounded by a fantastic forest. It is a truly beautiful sight and a fairytale-like experience. 

If you walk towards the waterfall from the car park at Søndre Strandvej, you will first walk though a park-like forest with exotic trees from all around the world via a wide gravel path. In the 1930s, up to 150 foreign trees were planted in Døndalen, but not all have survived the Danish climate. Fortunately, there are still quite a few exciting species left, which you can read more about on the signs posted by the trees. If you move further into Døndalen, past the waterfall, the forest is instead laid out as a dense, untouched forest and is most reminiscent of a primeval forest.

In spring, the forest floor in Døndalen is covered with beautiful spring flowers and fragrant ramsons. The green colours of the forest, the trickle of the stream, the rumbling of the waterfall and the scent of the lovely ramsons make a visit to Døndalen an experience for all senses. 

Address and parking:

Park your car at Døndalen Vandfald - Parkering at Søndre Strandvej 144A, 3760 Gudhjem. Here are table, bences and public toilets.

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Although the name may not be the most charming, Pissebækken (The Piss Stream) is a truly beautiful and impressive sight. Pissebækken is Denmark's third highest waterfall and is right next to the coast just north of the town of Vang. 

The water falls down an abrupt and steep cliff side and flows then further into the sea which lies just on the other side of the path. The nature around Pissebækken is incredibly beautiful and in the spring months the forest floor is covered in both ramsons and wood anemones. 

If you walk along the coastal path (Kyststien) from Vang towards Hammershus, you come right past Pissebækken. You can also park your car at the car park nearby and go for a shorter walk in the rift valley and past the waterfall. Regardless, you will have to go down a relatively high wooden staircase to get to the foot of the waterfall. 

Address and parking:

Park your car at the car park on Finnedalsvej 7S, 3770 Allinge and follow the sign, the path and the staircase to Pissebækken.

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Stavehøl waterfall

Stavehøl waterfall is a part of Kobbeå (Kobbe Stream), which runs through the beautiful and lush rift valley, Kobbeådalen, just south of Gudhjem.

A walk through the rift wally and along Kobbeå is a lovely experience, where you can experience rich wildlife, interesting vegetation and steep cliff sides. It is also here, you will walk past the waterfall, Stavehøl, which with its 7 meters continuous and vertical drop is quite an impressive sight. 

There are two parking options by Kobbeå, depending on how much you want to walk to get to the waterfall. We recommend that you take the slightly longer route of approx. 2 km each way, so you really get to experience the rift valley and the forest on your walk. A small path from the coast at Melsted takes you along Kobbeå and through the lovely nature of the rift valley until you meet Stavehøl waterfall. From here you can turn around and follow the path back to your car. 

If you would rather go for a short walk to experience the waterfall, you can park your car in a smaller car park a little further inside the island. A small gravel path quickly leads you into the rift valley and down to the waterfall.

Address and parking:

Parking at Melsted (2 km. each way): Melstedvej 39A, 3760 Gudhjem
Parking near the waterfall: Kobbevej 5, 3760 Gudhjem

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Gedebæksfaldet is a slightly different waterfall than the rest of the waterfalls on our list. If there is no water in the stream to fall down the high cliff side, you would hardly know that it is actually a waterfall. 

Gedebæksfaldet is located in the middle of Ekkodalen in Almindingen. Ekkodalen is the largest rift valley on Bornholm and a favourite tourist attraction, which is worth a visit all year round. If you visit Ekkodalen to see Gedebæksfaldet, it is best to do so in spring or winter, when the ice and snow have melted. The water then tumbles down in a free fall from the 22.5 meter high cliff side. With its many meters, Gedebæksfaldet is actually Denmark's highest waterfall.

When we visited Gedebæksfaldet at the end of April, there was hardly any water in the stream, and the water therefore only dripped lightly from the cliff side. If you are a little better at planning your visit, after the spring rainfall and melted snow from winter, the chances of an active Gedebæksfald are somewhat higher. Just look at this video from the Danish Nature Agency (Facebook), where the water is cascading down the cliff side on an early January day. 

To get to Gedebæksfaldet, you have to take a short walk in Ekkodalen. From the car park by Ekkodalshuset, follow the path to the left and follow the sign and the wooden footpath towards Dronningestenen and Jægergrotten. At the end of the wooden footpath, you'll find Gedebæksfaldet.

Address and parking:

Park your car by Ekkodalshuset on Ekkodalsvejen 5, 3720 Aakirkeby. 

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