Spring on Bornholm

Seasons change but Bornholm is always worth a visit. 

Most travel to Bornholm during summer, but the fresh spring months are also something quite special. The green colours and the wildlife are slowly returning to the island. The ice and snow from winter has melted, resulting in extra water in the waterfalls - which are without a doubt worth a visit this time of year!

Here, you will find our favourite places that welcome you during the spring months. Some are already taking in visitors, while some won't open until May.

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Kvinde kigger ud over klippe med Hammershus i baggrunden

Vacation on Bornholm

A unique holiday island with a sea of exciting adventures awaits you. Whether you are looking for great nature, local art and culture, culinary experiences or that special stomach drop feeling, Bornholm is the place to visit.

The nature on Bornholm is varied and characterized by marvellous forests, white sand beaches and raw rocky shores. You'll always be near the Baltic Sea - no matter where you are. The sea offers plenty of fun activities; windsurfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, sunbathing and everything in between. In and around the small, hyggelige towns you can taste local delicacies, shop handmade ceramics and crafts and learn about local history.

Here at Book Bornholm, we have gathered everything you need to know about Bornholm. You can easily plan your holiday and book accommodation, activities and ferry tickets to/from Bornholm through us. 

Bornholmslinjen ved kaj

How to get to Bornholm

It's easy to get to Bornholm, and you can get here in several different ways.

The most popular way of travel to Bornholm, and the one we recommend - is with Bornholmslinjen, a ferry that goes between Ystad and Rønne multiple times every day. The ferry is also known as "Bornholmerfærgen", like it used to be called. These days the trip has become really fast and only takes about 80 minutes.

You can easily get to Ystad via car, train, or bus. Bornholmerbussen has departures from Copenhagen that are scheduled to be right on time, for most departures. 

Find more information about your trip to Bornholm and book your bus- and/or ferryticket right away. 

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