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At Book Bornholm it's easy for you as a travel agent to arrange everything that has to do with trips to Bornholm for your customers - ferry, accommodation, and experiences. Either tailor made or as pre-defined packages.


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We give you the opportunity to do everything online yourself, which means you can book the guest's trip without having to send e-mails or make calls back and forth. As an agent you will be given an account that gives you free access to our products and our suppliers. 
We do sit ready by the phone and e-mail, to provide any service and support, if you prefer that over online.   

When you book a ferry ticket, accommodation, or a package via Book Bornholm, the booking confirmation will be sent directly to you, the agent. In this way, you can edit and create the appropriate information material you find necessary for your guests.

Once you've booked a stay on behalf of a guest, the invoice for our payment is automatically created. The invoice is deducted from the agreed upon commission between you as an agent and Book Bornholm.

At Book Bornholm we use the booking system Citybreak. If you're already using Citybreak for other Scandinavian destinations, we can easily connect your existing account to our products.


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The products we offer

We hand-pick the suppliers on Bornholm we want to work with. For that reason, each and every Bornholmer agent's products have not been made available on our platform.

We choose our suppliers based on the people who own and run the establishments, as well as on the hospitality, quality, and service the guest will experience on their visit. We can 100% vouch for any of the services our suppliers provide.

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About Book Bornholm

Book Bornholm is a local travel agency with over 25 years of experience in selling experiences and trips to Bornholm. We started off as a small travel agency with offices on Bornholm, and with time we've become more and more digital. In 2022 we changed name from Team Bornholm AB to Book Bornholm and launched our new, digital booking platform that compiles everything you need for a great holiday on Bornholm.

We put great value and effort in telling the good and inspiring stories that revolve around the suppliers we work with and offer here at Book Bornholm. Therefore, apart from booking a trip or a stay on Bornholm, you can also read more about the best places of where to buy ice cream, of where to go swimming on Bornholm, and so much more.

We speak Danish, German, Swedish, and English - therefore, we have the capability to help and support you when it comes to travel and information regarding Bornholm. In this way, you can also provide the best possible help to your guests in their next step of travel planning.

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Contact us

Do you want to establish an agent partnership with Book Bornholm, do you have questions as to how this partnership works, or do you want to know more about who we are?

Send an e-mail to [email protected] or give us a call at +45 6991 1621 - we'll gladly tell you more.

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