What to do on Bornholm in the winter?

In winter, Bornholm's nature become more raw and rough than in the summer months, but no less beautiful - quite the contrary. The cold wind and the bare trees highlight the characteristic rough cliffs which really come into their own in the cold months. And the waves of the Baltic Sea hit hard against the rocky coast, all the while the fresh breeze results in windy hair and red cheeks.

But as much as the winter tear and shakes the trees, cliffs and waves, it can also be just as peaceful and calm in Bornholm's nature at this time of year. 

We have collected 7 fantastic winter experiences in the nature on Bornholm that you can't miss out on. Read along and be inspired by what you can do in nature on your next holiday on Bornholm.

For 100 years, granite was quarried in Vang Granitbrud (Vang Granite Quarry). Today, the beautiful area near Hasle has been transformed to a fantastic nature- and outdoor landscape with newly etablished paths, shelter, climbing walls and mountain bike trails. We absolutely love visiting Vang Granite Quarry in the winter, when the tall cliff walls are bare and tower almost majestically against the beautiful winter sky. Enjoy the view of Vang Pier and the rest of the granite quarry from the DGI bridge - on clearer days you can see all the way to Hammershus and Hammeren lighthouse from here. 

Vang stonemasonry was established in 1896 and up until 1996, granite was quarried here at Vang Granitbrud, which has delivered stone to i.a. Storebæltbroen, the largest bridge in Denmark. Today, Vang Granite Quarry has been given new and exciting life with the project "Nyt Liv i Vang Granitbrud" (New Life in Vang Granite Quarry) through Realdania and Mulighedernes Land (Land of Possibilities).

You drive through Ringebakke granite quarry to get to Vang Granite Quarry. It is not possible to drive in Vang Granite Quarry but you can park your car by the end of Ringedalsvej, where you can read more about Bornholm' granite adventure and Vang Granite Quarry's history on five large information signs. 


Ringedalsvej 3, 3790 Hasle

In the middle of Denmark's 5th biggest forest, Almindingen, you'll find a truly peaceful atmosphere among the towering trees. This is also where you might be lucky enough to spot a herd of European bisons roaming freely in a 200-hectare enclosure. 

This part of Almindingen is also called the Bison Forest, and here a beautiful 12 kilometer hiking trail has been etablished, which is - very fittingly - called the Bison Trail. The trail is marked with purple dots and pictograms and takes you through the parts of Almindingen that are designated as virgin forest and of course through the Bison Forest.

Walk the trail on a quiet winter's day and take a few breaks along the way to just stand still and listen. Listen to nothing, because it's so quiet here, it's almost deafening. Maybe you'll be able to hear the bisons rummaging around nearby? 

If you're on the search for the bisons, you need to arm yourself with patience and a good dose of luck. Some visit the Bison Forest multiple times and for several hours before spotting the large animals roaming around the forest. Others are lucky enough to find them at the first try.

The 12 kilometer trail is relatively easy to hike, but not suitable for prams.


Park your car in the car park by Hareløkkerne, by Bastemose or in the Bison Forest by Chr. X's Vej. 

Arnager is a small fishing village southeast of Rønne. Here, the harbour is connected to the coast by a long wooden bridge. At almost 200 metres, the bridge is actually Northern Europe's longest wooden bridge over open sea. In the winter months, it can be quite windy on this part of the island, but the rough wind and the cold make the experience on the bridge something quite special. Some places, the bridge looks almost infinite.

The bridge connects the coast with the village's small harbour island with fishing boats and two bathing ladders. If you're a winter swimmer and are looking for a great spot for your next dip in the icy water, then Arnager bridge is a great place. You can find the rest of our recommendations for good spots to go winter swimming on Bornholm here

The harbour and the bridge was built in 1884, and the bridge was most recently renovated in 2018-2019, after which is was inaugurated again in October 2019. The beautiful bridge is built from azobé wood which is a hard-wearing material particularly suitable for harbour construction.


Slugten 3, 3700 Rønne

Many people visit Dueodde beach during the summer to feel the beach's characteristic fine sand between their toes and to swim in the clear water. But a trip to Dueodde beach during winter is almost magical.

A walk along the beach is a lovely experience all year round. You can walk a nice, long and refreshing walk on Dueodde beach, which is almost 10 kilometers long from Sømarken in the west to Snogebæk in the east. In some places, the beach is almost 100 meters wide. 

Use the walk to enjoy the crashing waves, fill your lungs with the fresh winter air and just soak in the experience. A walk like this by the sea does something quite special to the soul, in our opinion. 


Park your car on Skrokkegårdsvejen 19, 3730 Nexø

Hammershus Slotsruin (Hammershus Castle Ruins) is perhaps one of Bornholm's most iconic attractions, and you can't miss out on a visit to the old castle ruin in winter - even if you may have already explored the ruins in the summer. It's a completely different and beautiful experience during winter.

If you're visiting Hammershus during the afternoon, just before it gets dark outside, you're almost guaranteed to have the castle all to yourself. Especially if you're here on a weekday. It's a unique experience to wander around the wall ruins that contain so much history. And it's actually almost as if the castle's at times very dramatic history becomes a little easier to imagine and visualize when you explore the ruins in the winter. The cold, the wind and the harshness of winter make the mind wander to the harsh conditions in which the prisoners lived when the castle funcioned as a prison.

The newly built visitor's centre, Brohuset (The Bridge House), is open every day from 10am to 4pm until Christmas. Here you can read about the castle's history and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the castle and the surrounding landscape. 


Slotslyngvej 7, 3770 Allinge

Get up close and personal with Bornholm's beautoful cliffs at Helligdomsklipperne (Sanctuary Cliffs). In winter, the cliffs are compltely exposed and it's a truly unique experience to stand at the lookout post and on the top of the long staircase overlooking the landscape but also to move all the way down to the coast and let yourself be surrounded by the tall cliffs. 

At the end of the approx. 100 steps down to the foot of Helligdomsklipperne, you are surrounded by the up to 20 meter tall rock formations. Although it might be windy and the waves might crash hard against the cliffs, there is a particularly peaceful atmosphere down here. Depending on the weather and possible freezing temperatures, you can walk on the big rocks by the coast. But be careful as the rocks can be very slippery. 

Helligdomsklipperne are named after a holy spring that once flowed out by the foot of the tall cliffs. The water in the spring was said to have healing powers, which has attracted many travelers seeking healing throughout the years. Today, the area is a fantastic landscape with many exciting places with magical and mysterious names such as Sorte Gryde (Black Cauldron), Lyseklippen (Candle Cliff), Mågetårnet (Seagull Tower), Kærlighedsbænken (Love Bench) and Måneskinsklipperne (Moonlight Cliffs). 


Park your car by Bornholm's Art Museum on Otto Bruuns Pl. 1, 3760 Gudhjem and follow the path down to Helligdomsklipperne.

Hammerknuden - or simply Hammeren - is a large and incredibly scenic natural area on the northernmost part of Bornholm. Here you'll find several hiking trails in different lenghts and plenty of sights to explore, e.g. Hammeren Fyr (Hammeren Lighthouse), Hammershus, Salomons Kapel (Salomons Chapel) and Opalsøen (Opal Lake).

The area offers raw and dramatic nature characterised by cliffs and the sea. Here you can e.g. walk around Hammeren, a 7 kilometers trail marked with blue dots and pictograms. The hike is quite tough, rising as much as 87 meters above sea level at some points. 

Regardless of whether you're up for a longer or shorter hike, Hammeren is a wonderful place to get close to the nature that characterises Bornholm. All year round, the nature on this part of Bornholm is described as raw and harsh with its many rock formations. And in winter, this harshness becomes even more visible and dramatic. 


Park your car by Hammerknuden Parkering right next to Sandvig beach.


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