Experience Bornholm by bike

Everyone can discover Bornholm from a bike saddle - whether you're an experienced cycling enthusiast or if you've never been on a cycling trip before. You can follow Bornholm's coastline all the way around, racking up 104,5 km whilst doing so. It's a ride that everyone can make, but how long you want to spend doing it, is completely up to you and your level. Some can go around the island in one day, whilst others prefer to split the journey up into smaller bits. In that way you can really enjoy some sightseeing and the beautiful nature as you go by. 

Is a dedicated cycling trip not for you? Then try a days trip with a bike instead. There are plenty of smaller routes to follow on the island, that take you past exciting local history, unique nature and pleasant towns where you can have a great lunch on the road.

Here on this page we'll guide you through a selection of routes on Bornholm. The routes vary, taking you through different towns and areas, and stretch from 18-31 km.

Get around Bornholm by bike

Which route would you like to follow?

Cykelrute fra Rønne til Hasle til Allinge-Sandvig

Rønne - Hasle - Allinge-Sandvig

Length: About 25-27 km

This route goes from Rønne to Allinge-Sandvig, through Hasle and Vang, via an established bike path.

Starting in Rønne you'll go through the beautiful Blykobbe Plantage, before reaching Hasle. If you're hungry for lunch here, it's perfect to stop and grab a bite at Hasle Røgeri which is one of our absolute favourite smokehouses - and also our favourite on the west coast.

When cycling on from Hasle and further north, you'll pass through two small fishing docks, Helligpeder and Teglkås. The road itself stops at Gines Minde, but the bike path continues along the impressive cliff coast up till Jons Kapel. Here you have to carry your bike up the 115 meter long stairway. The path is remarkably beautiful, but if you're travelling with children or have a trailer on your bike, it's perhaps better to stay on the country road on this specific part of the route.

After Jons Kapel the route continues on through the rocky landscape past Ringebakkerne granite quarry, the fishing dock Vang, and the forest Slotslyngen, that goes on up to Hammershus. Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the ruin and walk by the visitors centre, where you'll find a small exhibition about Hammershus' history and small shop for food and drinks.

After Hammershus you'll arrive in Sandvig, here you'll find a small beach where you can take a plunge in the sea - a refreshing swim after a few hours on your bike. In both Allinge and Sandvig there are plenty of restaurants to be found in order to still your hunger after a lovely day of exercise along the west coast of Bornholm.

Most can complete this route in a day. If so, we recommend that you stay the night in Allinge-Sandvig for two days, to rest as well as explore Allinge-Sandvig.

Cykelrute fra Allinge-Sandvig til Gudhjem til Svaneke

Allinge-Sandvig - Gudhjem - Svaneke

Length: About 30 km

This route trails along Bornholm's eastcoast, which is deemed by many to be the island's most beautiful coastline. The route can be completed in one day, but it's definitely an option to split it into two days, spending a night in Gudhjem. Gudhjem and Svaneke are both very charming towns well worth a visit. The towns have cozy streets and alleyways amidst half-timbered houses, small boutiques, and excellent restaurants.

On the route between Allinge-Sandvig and Gudhjem, you will pass Bornholm's Art museum by Helligdomsklipperne. The museum as well as the cliffs are worth a visit; a perfect spot to take a short rest. If you're in the mood to explore even more Bornholmer art, you can stop by Oluf Høst museet when arriving in Gudhjem.

The route between Allinge-Sandvig, Gudhjem and Svaneke is generally in a steady decline; however, there are still some slopes to conquer on the way, in particular around Helligdomsklipperne.

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Tag hele familien med på cykelferie på Bornholm og oplev øen i jeres eget tempo

Cycling holiday on Bornholm

A cycling holiday on Bornholm is a unique way to experience the island. Most people can join in on a cycling holiday; families, couples and singles, beginners and experienced cycling enthusiasts. 

At Book Bornholm, we help with everything from accommodation, ferry tickets, bike hire and luggage transport for your cycling holiday on Bornholm. 

We have also put together three cycling packages of varying length with everything for your cycling holiday; planned route, accommodation and return ferry ticket as well as the possibility of adding on bicycle hire and luggage transporation.

Read more about a cycling holiday on Bornholm

Cykelrute fra Svaneke til Nexø til Dueodde

Svaneke - Nexø - Dueodde

Route's distance: 20 km

Just outside of Svaneke, hidden behind Svaneke lighthouse, you'll find a small gem - Hullehavn. The lighthouse as well as Hullehavn are worth a visit. Hullehavn is the town's bathing spot with a bank of cliffs, a pier from where you can swing into the water, and a small beach. During summer it's filled with activity, i.a volleyball, and refreshments can be purchased at the little beach bar, Syd-Øst for Paradis.

On route to Nexø, you will head through Årsdale, which truly has begun flourishing with new restaurants and bars.

Upon arriving in Nexø, you are about halfway through the route, and therefore it's perfect to find a place to have lunch. We can recommend Nexø Gamle Røgeri, located just past the rim of town when entering.

Nexø is Bornholm's second largest town; it used to be the island's centre for fishing, when that industry had its peak in the 80s. For many years, the town stayed rather dormant, although in the last couple of years it has undergone quite the change. Nice restaurants, unique shopping opportunities, and arts and crafts have all come to Nexø.

Balka Strand is a popular beach and is often described as the best beach on Bornholm. During summer it's teeming with locals as well as tourists. The beach is 1 kilometer in length, reaching from Balka to Snogebæk. In Balka you will find a kiosk, mini golf, water activities, while in Snogebæk there are boutiques and restaurants.

Dueodde Beach is Bornholm's most famous beach and one of Europe's best. Close to it, in the pine forest behind the beach, you can find a remnant of the Second World War. The Germans placed two canon bunkers which were supposed to be used as a blockade for ships arriving from the east. Today they are fully accessible to the public, and feel free to explore them to your heart's content.

Cykelrute fra Dueodde til Rønne

Dueodde - Rønne

Route's distance: approx. 30 km

If you start the route in Dueodde, we recommend taking a trips past Dueodde Beach and its canon bunkers in the pine forest. Dueodde Beach is Bornholm's most famous beach and one of Europe's best, with sand so fine it is used in hourglasses. The canon bunkers are remnants of the Second World War, built there to stop any intrusion from the east.

Between Dueodde and Pedersker you will cycle by Slusegård Vandmølle (water mill), which was constructed at the start of the 19th century. Apart from the water mill, there are also a trout house and a so called hatchery for trout fry.

In Pedersker lies the magnificent Pedersker Kirkemølle (church mill), which was built in 1861, thereby being the oldest stone mill on Bornholm. The mill functioned as a grain mill up until 1969; today it's being taken care of by Pedersker Lokalforening (Local association).

If you're in need of some respite or feel like taking a swim in the ocean, Boderne beach is the perfect spot on this route. The beach stretches far and there is good opportunity to find a nice resting spot by the dunes.

Once back on the road again, you will be making your way past the limestone quarry in Skelbro. You can see the quarry from the saddle or, if so inclined, park the bicycle to go and get a closer look - perhaps you'll find different fossilisations. 

If you feel like taking a short detour, we earnestly recommend a trip along Risebækken and onwards to the coast.  Park your bike by the quarry and follow 'Risebækstien' down to the coast on foot. Risebækken has several smaller waterfalls, aswell as one by the sea. Walk just up along the stream for about 100 meters inland, here you'll find the biggest waterfall at around 2,5 meters tall.

In the small fishing village, Arnager, you can see one of the island's three different island ports, connected to the main island through northern europe's longest wooden bridge over open ocean.

In Rønne you have great options for having a bite, exploring shops, or just relaxing after a lovely bike ride along the south-west coast of Bornholm.

Cykelrute fra Rønne til Gudhjem via Almindingen

Rønne - Almindingen - Gudhjem

Length: About 33 km

Most cycling routes on Bornholm take you along the island's beautiful coastline. However, this route goes through Almindingen - Denmark's fifth largest forest. The trail is a relaxing change of pace in fantastic scenery.

Follow the old railroad east out of Rønne to Robbedale and then onwards to Vestermarie. From Vestermarie, you will reach the edge, and start, of Almindingen. In the 19th century, the forest was contained and cultivated by the forester Hans Rømer. In 2012 seven European bisons were put in an enclosure of 200 hectares, and if you're lucky, you will be able to spot one during your trip through the woods.

Bornholm's highest point lies in Almindingen, by Rytterknægten. Rytterknægten is located about halfway through this route, and is therefore a great spot for a well-deserved respite. During summer, there is a kiosk where you can buy refreshments and snacks. Furthermore, if you're in need of lunch, hop on your bike and go to Christianshøjkroen. They've got a splendid lunch menu.

In Østerlars, you can visit Bornholm's biggest rundkirke (round church), Østerlars rundkirke, which is the village's most famous trademark. The church was built in the 12th century, and is one of Bornholm's four round churches. Stay a while to learn about its thrilling history and the function it served during the war.

After Østerlars continue towards Kobbeå and the waterfall Stavehøl, which is located in one of the island's beautiful rift valleys. Then, carry on north to reach Gudhjem, where you will find plenty of fine accommodations and restaurants.

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Du kan leje cykler hos Bornholms Cykeludlejning i Rønne og udforske øen i dit helt eget tempo

Bicycle rental on Bornholm

At Bornholms Cykeludlejning in Rønne you'll find gear for your trip and bikes for all requirements and ages.

You can rent everything from citybikes and electric bikes to mountainbikes as well as baggage and children's trailers, bike bags and helmets, so you and your family can easily and safely explore Bornholm on two wheels.

Bike rental on Bornholm

Cykelrute fra Allinge-Sandvig til Aakirkeby via Almindingen

Allinge-Sandvig - Almindingen - Aakirkeby

Length: About 31 km

The route starts on the northern part of Bornholm, where the terrain is somewhat hilly. Begin by exploring Madsebakke helleristninger (petroglyphs) on the cliffs behind Allinge-Sandvig - Scandinavia's biggest site of petroglyphs. The symbols are astonishingly well-preserved, carved in the early Bronze Age - meaning that they are up to 3000 years old!

Cycling south leads you to Olsker, where you can visit Sankt Ols Kirke, which is yet another one of the island's four round churches. The church lies 113 meters above sea level, and is, with its 13 meters, the tallest of the Bornholmer round churches. The height offers a beautiful view of the land and sea. In clear weather, you can spot Christiansø to the east.

Go south from Olsker towards Rutsker Plantage and Spelling Mose. Fra Olsker fortsætter du sydover mod Rutsker Plantage og Spelling Mose. Here, you can explore protected natural sights and landscapes that were previously more widespread on Bornholm. 

Continue south until you reach Almindingen. Here you can visit Ekkodalen, find the island's biggest "rocking stone", and maybe spot a few free-range European bisons. Of course it's completely viable to simply cruise on through, enjoying the scenery from the saddle. On the other side of Almindingen, Aakirkeby awaits - the journey's end.

Cykelrute fra Rønne til Rø til Helligdommen

Rønne - Rø - Helligdommen

Length: About 24 km

On this route, you follow the island's old railway tracks. By the early 20th century, it was possible to go by train from Rønne to Sandvig, Gudhjem, and Nexø. The railway was kept in use until 1968, and it's along these old tracks that you can enjoy your trip from Rønne to Gudhjem.

Go north towards Nyker, where you can take a rest by the island's third and smallest round church, Nyker rundkirke. From here, continue on to towards Klemensker, and then onwards to Bornholm's Art museum. On the way, you will pass by Rutsker Plantage and Spelling Mose. If you've got the time for it, it's a wonderful area to stretch your legs and explore by foot.

Not far from Rutsker Plantage lies the old station village Rø. From hereon the route leads down to the Art museum, and, like always, we recommend that you make a short stop here to go on a discovery of Bornholmer related art. Right by the museum, you will find Helligdomsklipperne and Den Sorte Gryde (the black cauldron). The site is one of Bornholm's most popular sightseeing attractions, and, naturally, we recommend that you stop by.

A little bit south of Helligdomsklipperne lies Gudhjem. In Gudhjem you will find a varying array of accommodations and restaurants - a great place to end the cycling trip.

Cykelrute fra Rønne til Aarsdale via Almindingen

Rønne - Almindingen - Aarsdale

Length: About 35 km

Take your bike east from Rønne and through Almindingen, past the castle ruins of Lilleborg. Lilleborg was built in ca. 1150 and functioned as the king's castle, while Hammershus was the archbishop's fortress.

Continue east through Almindingen until you reach Ølene. Ølene is a nature reserve; it's closed to the public to create the best possible conditions for the bird life on Bornholm. However, you can get a great view of the reserve from the observation towers to the north and south respectively. From the towers, you can watch the different types of birds who live there - birds of prey, geese, ducks, and cranes.

Then, leaving Ølene behind you, you will pass through Paradisbakkerne towards Aarsdale. Paradisbakkerne's terrain is beautiful though hilly, with most of the island's rift valleys located here. When having made your way through the area, you will arrive in the small fishing village Aarsdale, where you can eat and drink at Mikkeller Aarsdale.

If you are looking for a place to stay for the night, we recommend heading over to Svaneke, about 5 km north of Aarsdale.

Inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm

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