How do you get to Bornholm?

Getting to Bornholm is easy, and you can travel to the island in multiple ways. 

Regardless of where in the country you live and wherefrom you depart, Bornholm is accessible. Most ways of travel involve Bornholmslinjen (also known as Bornholmerfærgen), but it is also possible to travel by flight. The island has, in fact, its own airport just outside of Rønne.

Altogether there are two different ways to get to Bornholm:

  • By ferry and bus, car, or train
  • By flight

Read more about the different means of transportation to Bornholm, and pick the one that suits you best.

The ferry to Bornholm

Most of the island's visitors arrive to Bornholm by ferry. You can get the ferry from several countries; Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Ferry to Bornholm from Ystad in Sweden

The primary route - and the most popular - to Bornholm is by ferry to Rønne from Ystad in Sweden. From Ystad you can embark with Bornholmslinjen, as a foot passenger, by bike, or by car (with or without trailer), caravan, or motorcycle.  Fra Ystad kan du sejle med Bornholmslinjen, som også er kendt som Bornholmerfærgen fra gammel tid. Du kan komme med færgen som gående, cyklende eller kørende i bil (med og uden anhænger), autocamper eller på motorcykel. 

Bornholmslinjen coordinates up to 16 daily departures during high season, and 3-6 departures during off-season. This means that you can travel to Bornholm whenever it works for you.

The crossing from Ystad to Rønne takes about 80 minutes with the catamaran. If stormy weather abounds on the Baltic Sea, a conventional ferry makes the trip instead. The crossing then taking about 2 ½ hours.

Remember to bring ID and passport when crossing Øresundsbroen, as there might be ID-inspections at the border to Sweden.
The price of a one-way ticket at Bornholmslinjen starts at 49:- DKK for foot passengers and at 99:- DKK for cars incl. up to 5 persons. 

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Ferry to Bornholm from Køge in Denmark

Board Bornholmslinjen's new night ferry, "Hammershus", from Køge to Rønne. The ferry departs from Køge every night at 12.30 AM and arrives the next morning in Rønne at 6 o'clock. The crossing takes around 5 ½ hours. 

It is possible to buy a sleeping spot in one of the bunkbeds (either in a shared cabin or a private one), so that you may get a good night's rest, sleeping the whole journey. In the ferry's bistro, you can go for a late-night dinner or an early breakfast.

Prices for one-way tickets start at DKK 49,- for foot passengers and DKK 199,- for a standard car incl. up to 5 persons.
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Ferry to Bornholm from Sassnitz in Germany

Bornholmslinjen has an established line from Sassnitz in Germany to Rønne. The crossing takes 3 ½ hours. 

Off-season the ferry has 1-2 departures weekly, with a single departure on the given days. In high season there are typically 1-2 daily departures all week.

Prices for one-way tickets start at DKK 149,- for foot passengers and DKK 699,- for a standard car incl. up to 5 persons.
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Flight to Bornholm

Just outside of Rønne lies Bornholm's airport, where the Bornholmer plane from Danish Air Transport (DAT) and Alsie Express flies to and from. You can travel to Bornholm by flight from several places in Denmark: Copenhagen, Billund, Aalborg, Aarhus, and Sønderborg.

Flight from Copenhagen to Bornholm

DAT flies regularly between Rønne and Copenhagen. The trip takes around 40 minutes; depending on the weather it may vary.
DAT makes around 8 flights daily, depending on the type of day - weekday or weekend, high or off season. 

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Flight from Billund to Bornholm

DAT has several weekly flights going between Billund and Rønne, pretty much all year.
Travel time is about 1 hour and 5 minutes.

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Flight from Aalborg to Bornholm

DAT flies several times weekly between Aalborg and Bornholm - however, only in spring and summer. 
Travel time from Aalborg to Rønne is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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Flight from Aarhus to Bornholm

DAT flies several times weekly between Aarhus and Bornholm. Travel time is 1 hour and 5 minutes. 

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Flight from Sønderborg to Bornholm

The route between Sønderborg and Rønne is operated by Alsie Express. 

The flight is undertaken 3 times weekly during summer (June-August) and takes less than an hour.

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