Rønne welcomes you to Bornholm

Rønne is typically the city of your arrival when travelling to Bornholm. This is where the ferries from Ystad and Køge dock, and Bornholm's airport is located a couple of kilometers south of the city. Rønne is, in other words, the first to bid you welcome to Bornholm, and from here you can at your convenience explore the city before taking off further inlands. 

Being the island's capital city, Rønne is grounds for operations and functions. About one third of the island's population calls it home, and the city has therefore all that which a city normally consists of: shopping, specialty stores, coffeehouses, museums, cinema, indoor swimming pool, and much more. 

City center

In the city center of Rønne you'll find the start of the town's gågade (main thoroughfare, only for pedestrians): St. Torvegade. By the gågade and the surrounding streets there are several parking options to be found, for those arriving by car. Because of the town's commmunity and shops there is activity all year round - however, maybe a bit less in june, july, and august, when the tourists start to come over.

In the city centre you'lI find restaurants and cafés as well as several venues with live music when the outdoor seating is open. There are plenty of known retail chains as well as smaller specialty stores that sell local craftsmanship and delicacies. There's also a small shopping centre Snellemark Centeret, where you can get clothes, groceries, art, toys, and some self-care products.

Old town

The old town, now merely a part of the city, with it's cobbled streets, alleys, and colourful half-timbered houses is within walking distance to the city centre. Here you can daydream of bygone times whilst walking through the narrow streets, feeling the historical presence.

The island's largest church, St. Nicolai Church, is located in the old town. The church stands on a hill right by the harbour and is therefore the first thing you will see if you arrive by ferry. With its eye-catching placement in the city, it has become Rønne's landmark. By the church you'll find a fantastic vantage point from which you can follow all of the activity in the harbour. 

In Rønne you'll also find Rønne Theater, which is Denmark's oldest theater; it has been around since 1823 - and is still active to this day.

Restaurants in Rønne

Det Røde Pakhus

One of two restaurants on Bornholm run by Daniel Kruse and Troels Madsen. Both restaurants are known for having great, well tasting food at affordable prices. 

The owners' vision for Det Røde Pakhus is to combine "the best from the sea and the forest in one place" and therefore provide its guests with an experience out of the ordinary. The menu varies from season to season, but there's always something for everyone, whether you prefer fish, meat, or vegetarian dishes. The place is very pleasant and cozy with a casual atmosphere and great prices. Definitely worth a visit!

Address: Snellemark 30

Casa Mia

Casa Mia is a small, family owned, italian restaurant in an alley by Store Torv. Enzo, who owns and runs the place, was born and raised in Napoli, thus giving the food an authentic touch. We are especially fond of their pizzas, but be sure not to miss out on their amazing pasta dishes. 

You can enjoy the food in the restaurant or as take-away, enjoying it anywhere you feel like. 

Address: Antoniestræde 3

Restaurant Texas

Texas is an american inspired steakhouse with everything that entails. The restaurant is a perfect spot to visit if you like steaks, burgers, and ribs - they have it all, including a separate kids menu.

The atmosphere at Texas is pleasant and casual. Our main reason for visiting, besides the food, is the fantastic service and familiar vibe - here you'll be welcomed as a dear guest every time.

Texas shows most major sporting events, and Super Bowl, especially, has become a staple of the restaurant in Rønne. Texas is open all year round. 

Address: Store Torvegade 14, Rønne

Beaches near Rønne

If you're in the mood for a day at the beach while visiting Rønne, you'll be pleased to know that there are several alternatives to choose from. 


The beach is located in the southern parts of Rønne. It consists of a variety of smaller bays, most of which having their own characteristics. What they all have in common, though, is that the water is clear and the sand is soft - however, there might be a few rocks by the water's edge.

The beach is great for families with children because of the stone fence that encloses it, letting you keep easy watch over the family's tiniest members while they play by the bank. 

The beach goes all they way from Rønne Vandrerhjem to Fredensborg Badehotel. Along the coastal road there are several exits that will lead you to the parking lots and the beach. Parking is free. There is no public toilet by the beach. 

You can walk from Rønne center to the beach in 20 minutes, whereas it takes 10 minutes by bike.


The beach is to the north when driving towards Hasle from Rønne center. The sandy coastline stretches all the way to Hasle; however, all of the coastline is not suitable for sunbathing and swimming.

The water depth is somewhat lower than in Galløkken, and Antoinette is the only beach in Rønne where there are lifeguards (though only in high season). From the beach you can follow the activity in Rønne harbour. Due to the location, there may occur waves from the catamaran between Ystad and Rønne, that you must be cautious of - especially if you've brought children along. 

The beach is close to Nordskoven camping, where you can buy food and drink. There is also a toilet by the pathway down to the beach that can be utilized.


Nørrekås is the smallest of the three beaches near Rønne. The beach is located just outside of Griffen Spa Hotel and next to Rønne's marina. 

The beach is in particular utilized by the locals, due to its central location and its pier, making it a sublime spot for an evening dip. 

By the beach, you'll find Nørrekås Ishus (ice cream parlor), where you can treat yourself to an ice cream or a coffee. 

A good night's sleep in Rønne

Rønne is a great starting point for you vacation to Bornholm.

From Rønne the whole island is within reach, and you can easily make your way around the island, regardless of it being by car, bicycle, or public transportation.

The city has many hotels and B&B's to offer, and should you leave the city limits, you'll find wonderful campsites or holiday apartments encompassed by beautiful nature.

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