Seaside hotels on Bornholm

Experience the popular Bornholmer seaside hotels on your next holiday trip to Bornholm.

However small it might be, Bornholm still has lots of hotels. An especially popular type of hotels on Bornholm is the seaside hotel. And we fully understand why. The seaside hotels offer relaxing atmospheres and inviting surroundings, with proximity to the sea.

We at Book Bornholm present three beautiful seaside hotels, spread out along the Bornholmer coastline. Read more about them here and experience genuine seaside hotel settings.

Seaside hotels


The history of seaside hotels. 

Seaside hotels started appearing in the late 19th century and saw a rise in their popularity by the early 20th century. The guests were mostly people living in the city, who wanted to get out to the coasts to live by the sea for a brief period of time. The locals played their part, as they either worked at the hotels, or handled deliveries to the hotels.

In the beginning of the 20th century. and especially after the first world war, the seaside hotels had their prime. At that time there were over a 100 "badehoteller" (seaside hotels) in Denmark. The interest in these places however, started to cool down a bit after the second world war, with the start of charter travelling around the world. This meant that not as many people stayed in Denmark for their holiday.

The Bornholmer badehoteller came a bit after the wave of interest that was mostly on Jylland. Melsted Badehotel was for example founded in 1932, about 10 years before the trend began to die off.

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