Beach holiday on Bornholm

Bornholm is a popular holiday destination for danes that want to go on a sunny, beach holiday on a lovely island with great weather. Bornholm has a varied nature that offers everything from cliffs up north, to white beaches in the south. With its many pleasant beaches, Bornholm is perfect for a holiday spent in the sun.

Even if you don't enjoy sand, or beaches, you can still enjoy a nice holiday in the sun, perhaps by a pool. Some of the accommodations have a pool to enjoy whilst soaking up the sunlight.

Regardless of how you prefer to enjoy the sun, Bornholm is a great place for a holiday. We have gathered the accommodations that we find to be best suited for a holiday in the sun, that you can book here through us. Don't forget to read out tips and guides for other activities and experiences on the island.

Stay close to the beach and water

Feet in the sand, or a bright blue pool?

Some prefer to tuck their feet in the sand on a white beach, while others prefer a sunbed by the pool. On Bornholm you'll find both, and it doesn't have to be one or the other.

We have gathered a selection of accommodation with the beach nearby or with access to a public pool.

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Mennesker soler sig på hvid sandstrand

Beaches on Bornholm

Jump in the water from the cliffs or run out directly into the sea from the white beaches, Bornholm is known for it's varying coastline, defined by it's unspoilt nature.

Here are some of our favourite beaches on Bornholm

  • Sandvig beach has a pier and cliffs that you can jump from
  • Antoinette beach by Rønne is a long and wonderful sand beach
  • Dueodde beach is the island's best beach and stretches over 10 kilometers
  • Sandkaas beach on the northern coast of Bornholm offers a beach and cliffs
  • Balka beach is popular among locals and invites tanning and watersports 

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For ocean lovers and beach bums

Bornholm offers experiences for everyone - on, by or in the water

Is the weather not looking good for a day on the beach, or you just want to do something else than tanning? There are plenty of activities around the island that can give you some variation on your holiday schedule.

Find inspiration on what to do with your day here.

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