Beach holiday on Bornholm

With its white, sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and many hours of sunshine, Bornholm is the perfect destination for your next beach holiday.


You don't have to fly south to enjoy some of the best beaches in Europe - one of them you find on Bornholm: Dueodde beach. In fact, Bornholm offers plenty of both small and large sandy beach, that all invite for a day of sunbathing and fun by the water. And if you don't enjoy saltwater and sand between your toes, a bunch of the accommodations on Bornholm has a shared pool that you can lounge by. 


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Accommodation by the beach

Some love the beach and sand between their toes, while others prefer lounging in a sunbed by the pool. On Bornholm you'll find both options.

These accommodations are located near the beach or has access to a shared pool.

For ocean lovers and beach bums

Bornholm offers experiences for everyone both on land and in water

Is the weather not looking good for a day on the beach, or do you just want to do something else than tanning? There are plenty of activities around the island that can give you some variation on your holiday schedule.

Find inspiration on what to do with your day here.

Inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm

Explore the extraordinary scenery around Hammerknuden and Dueodde, deep dive into culture and history with a visit to Hammershus and the canons, or try the local produce at one of the island's many superb restaurants. Maybe you want to do something entirely else? Bornholm is jam-packed with experiences for everyone - regardless of passion, age, and levels of activity.

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