What to see and do in Hasle?

Whether Hasle is the base for your holiday on Bornholm, or you are just dropping by on a day trip, there are plenty of opportunities for exciting and unique experiences in the town and in the surrounding area. 

For example, visit Bornholm Arts & Crafts Center, where you can see local, national and international arts and crafts; go on a guided sea kayak tour and explore the town and the island from the water or take part in Bornholm's oldest town festival by the harbour. 

Hasle has a lot to offer, so here we have collected some of the activities and attractions you must not miss when you visit the town.


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If you are interested in arts and crafts and want to experience some of the very best bornholmer, national and international of its kind, then a visit to Bornholms Center for Kunsthåndværk (Bornholm Arts & Crafts Center) is definitely something for you.

Here you can discover the thriving and inspiring culture of arts and crafts on Bornholm. Bornholm Arts & Crafts Center holds a large collection of primarily bornholmer but also national and international arts and crafts, which is presented in beautiful settings in an old warehouse in the middle of Hasle.

The exhibitions are distributed in the warehouse's seven beautifully restored rooms, all of which bear the stamp of the building's history with exposed beams and creaking wooden floors. Don't miss out on a trip to the lookout tower in one of the exhibition rooms, where you have a lovely view of the Baltic Sea and the rest of Hasle. 

The museum has its own café and shop where you can buy different local art to bring home for yourself or a loved one. 

Address: Grønbechs Gård 4, 3790 Hasle

Buy entrance ticket to Bornholms Center for Kunsthåndværk

At Paddle Bornholm in Hasle, you can rent sea kayaks, so-called "Sit on top" kayaks and stand up paddle boards, so you can discover Hasle and Bornholm from the water.

In addition to rentals, Paddle Bornholm also offers beginner courses in kayak as well as guided kayak tours. The tours are of different lenghts and take you past the characteristic cliffs, white beaches and some of the biggest attractions on Bornholm such as Hammershus and Hammerknuden. The slightly shorter tours stay in the area around Hasle, where you row past the harbour bath and the local beach.

Visit Paddle Bornholm's website to read more and book. 

Address: Vesthavnsvej 36-38, 3790 Hasle

Kultippen is a unique and man-made area south of Hasle that offers a cool and different nature experience. 

The area is a result of coal mining on Bornholm, which took place in the 1940s. The waste products from the mining - clay, sand, gravel and coal dust - were transported by railway tippers to the coast, where it was tipped over the edge - hence the name "Kultippen", which translates to The Coal Tip. 

The large amount of "waste" accumulated and formed a completely new coastline. The clay from the coal mining was too compact for the sea to wash away, and too acidic and sulphurous for even the hardiest plants to take root. This resulted in the unique landscape we call Kultippen today.

With its deep rainwater ravines and barren, undulating surface, Klippen is in many ways reminiscent of a moon landscape. The only thing that breaks the landscape are some of the tippers that remain from the coal mining next to information signs that tell more about the period of coal mining on Bornholm.

Address and parking: Park your car by the parking lot at the end of Glasværksvej, 3790 Hasle

If you are looking for a lovely hiking route full of lush nature and tranquility, then we can definitely recommend a trip to Svartingedalen

Svartingedalen is one of approx. 70 rift valleys on Bornholm, but is no where near as well known or well visited as Ekkodalen and Døndalen. For this reason, you'll often find a little extra peace and quiet among the high cliff sides and the peaceful chirping of birds in Svartingedalen. 

The rift valley is owned by Fugleværnsfonden (The Bird Protection Foundation), which preserves the valley as a nature reserve. In addition to a beautiful flora, the valley houses a paradise of birds, e.g. many cave nesting birds, ravens and forest birds.

On a slope slightly inside the valley lies a so-called Jættebold; a large rock. Legend has it that a Swedish jætte (a giant in Norse Mythology) threw the rock, aiming it at Clemens church, but he (fortunately) missed his mark. Take a break here and enjoy the view of the large natural forest.  

Address and parking: You can park your car at Åhalsegård on Kirkedalsvej 25, Rutsker, 3790 Hasle.

The gorgeous harbour bath in Hasle Marina consists of a large floating platform with several levels and springboards, a sauna building, a 15 meter pool and a children's pool. In other words, there is something for every style of swimming. 

Hasle Harbour Bath is the perfect spot for a swim on a hot summer day, but is also a great place for a dip in the winter if you enjoy winter swimming. Read more about great winter swimming spots on Bornholm here

Address: Havnen 25b, 3790 Hasle

At Hasle Camping in the southern part of the town, you and your family can play a round of mini golf or have fun at the water park. Both are open for everyone, even if you aren't staying at the camp site. 

You can buy tickets in the campsite's café. 

The water park is open from 11am to 7pm from June 1 to August 27. 
Mini golf is open from 9am to 9pm from April 1 to November 1. 

Address: Fælledvej 30, 3790 Hasle


The biggest party of the year in Hasle is Sildefest (Herring Festival) which is organized by the local sports association. The town festival is Bornholm's oldest town festival with more than 60 years behind it and is held at Hasle harbour on the second weekend in July (6-9 July 2023).

Here you can experience a small fun fair, live music, fireworks, cutter pulling, awarding the years "Miss Herring" and "Mr. Catfish", all while quenching your thirst in cold drinks and filling your stomach with great food and snacks. 

Some days have free entrance while other days require payment, which is around DKK 30 per person, children under 13 have free entry.

See the program for this years Sildefest here (Facebook, in Danish)


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