What to see and do in Gudhjem? 

You will find activities and attractions for all interest and ages in and around Gudhjem. If you have brought your kids with you to Bornholm, we can highly recommend a trip to Lykkelund Gedemejeri og Besøgsgård (goat dairy and visitor farm) or Nature Park Bornholm. If you're interested in arts and crafts, you can't miss out on a visit to Bornholms Kunstmuseum, which is located right next to the beautiful Helligdomsklipperne. 

Read more about the experiences here, where we have listed our favourite activities in Gudhjem.


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At Lykkelund Gedemejeri og Besøgsgård (Goat dairy and visitor farm) just outside Gudhjem, both young and old can say hi to the farm's many cute and cuddly animals. Here are i.a. goats, pigs, donkeys, ponies, cats, dogs, guinea fowl and peacocks who all live side by side on the farm. 

In addition to the many animals, the farm also has a nature playground and a garden with lots of room for fun and play. You can bring your own lunch and enjoy it in the garden or buy a round of coffee and homemade cake in the café.

Besides being a visitor farm, Lykkelund is also a goat dairy and produces i.a. cured sausages and artisan cheeses made from milk from the farm's own, organic goats. The milk is also used for a really great and smooth ice cream, which you can also buy in the café.

Address: Krækketsvej 3, 3760 Gudhjem

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Travel back in time and step into an authentic medieval environment with farm animals, farmhouses, a fortified manor, water mill and much more at Bornholms Middelaldercenter (The Medieval Centre of Bornholm).

Here, the whole family is in for a fun experience, while you learn what the tough life in the Medieval Ages looked like for both the poor peasants and the wealthy lord. Explore the center on your own, through a guided tour or borrow a pocket guide from the museum, which will take you around the large open-air museum.

Every day in both high and low season there are fun activities for all ages, both indoors and outdoors. Make e.g. your own silver coin, paint with pigments and beer, try your hand at archery and watch the cannon be fired.

In the high season, there is even more life at the medieval center with markets, pirate school, children's busking show, role play and many other activities.

Address: Stangevej 1, 3760 Gudhjem

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West of Gudhjem is Nature Park Bornholm; a wonderland for you who love adrenaline and wild nature experiences. Here you can climb high up in the tree tops, try your hand at the popular disc golf, play soccer golf and try to figure out the fun forest labyrinth. 

Nature Park Bornholm offers high rope climbing courses for all levels and degrees of difficulty (from 3 years and up); a varied and challenging 18-hole soccer golf course; a great 18-hole disc golf course for the experienced player and a quiz labyrinth that takes you through a beautiful oak forest. 

In other words, there is lots to do for everyone, regardless of age and activity level at Nature Park Bornholm.

You can book tickets for everything directly here at Book Bornholm:

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Address: Brommevej 10, 3760 Gudhjem

Regardless of whether you are interested in art or not, you will get a great experience by visiting Bornholms Kunstmuseum (art museum). Here you can experience a large collection of both art and crafts related to Bornholm and at the same time explore an architectural gem. 

The museum has both permanent and temporary exhibitions, so there is always something exciting to explore when you visit. The museum building itself is a great experience, especially from the inside. When you move past the foyer, you are met by Museumsgaden; a fantastic glass-covered street that connects the museum's various rooms and exhibitions. Go explore Tårnet (the tower) and Broen (the bridge) and enjoy the impressive view of the landscape, the ocean and the particularly beautiful rocky coast that characterizes this part of Bornholm.

The nature around Bornholm Kunstmuseum is something very special. One of the island's greatest natural experiences, Helligdomsklipperne, is located right by the museum. Read more about Helligdomsklipperne below. 

Address: Otto Bruuns Pl. 1, 3760 Gudhjem

Do you want to experience some of the most beautiful nature and perhaps one of Bornholm's greatest natural attractions? Then you have to visit Helligdomsklipperne

You can enjoy the view of the beautiful cliffs, the landscape and the ocean from the top of the cliffs, but you get the best experience by walking down to the foot of the 20 meter tall cliffs. To get here, you have to walk down a staircase of approx. 100 steps, so it is unfortunately not a trip for those with walking disabilities. 

Down here you are surrounded by the towering, craggy and steep cliff walls with gorges and deep caves - some you can even explore if you dare. 

Helligdomsklipperne (The Sanctuary Cliffs) are named after a holy spring that once flowed out at the foot of the cliffs. The water was said to have healing powers and attracted many travelers seeking healing. Today, the area is a beautiful landscape with many exciting places with magical and mysterious names such as Lyseklippen (Candle Cliff), Mågetårnet (Seagull Tower), Sorte Gryde (Black Cauldron) and Måneskinsklipperne (Moonlight Cliffs). 

Address and parking: Park your car at Bornholms Kunstmuseum on Otto Bruuns Pl. 1, 3760 Gudhjem and follow the path down to Helligdomsklipperne.

There are several great places where you can play minigolf on Bornholm, but we are particularly excited about BornPark Minigolf outside Gudhjem. Here you can play minigolf in a mini version of Bornholm with all the island's sights, attractions and natural experiences. 

Every course is based on a famous place on Bornholm, and this way you can play your way around places like Ekkodalen, Hammershus, Christiansø and Jons Kapel. The courses are also decorated with Bornholm granite and large stones quarried at Hammerknuden, and on some of the courses, the granite and stones are obstacles in themselves. 

You can get around the whole island and the 18 holes in about one and a half hours. The park has an indoor café where you can buy warm dishes, desserts and drinks. 

Address: Gudhjemvej 27, 3760 Gudhjem

You can't miss out on a trip to Christiansø when you are in Gudhjem. You can sail directly to Christiansø from Gudhjem. The small island is a part of Ertholmene; a small archipelago approx. 20 kilometers northeast of Gudhjem and thus Denmark's easternmost point. 

Christiansø is the largest island of the Ertholmene and is an old fortress built in 1684. The island has a long and exciting history, which you can dive into in several ways. You can explore the island on your own or book a guided tour with one of the local guides. 

Today, around 90 people live on Christiansø and the island therefore has everything a local community needs - and then some. Here you will find a school, post office, library, grocery store, guest house, church, museum, lighthouse and much more. You can therefore easily spend a whole day on Christiansø, and you even have the option of spending the night here. 

You can sail from Gudhjem to Christiansø with Christiansøfarten all year round. See the sailing schedule and book tickets with Christiansøfarten here

Sol over Gudhjem

Every year in june, Gudhjem Harbour forms the setting for Denmark's biggest chef's competition, Sol over Gudhjem. The harbour is filled with thousands of curious and happy spectators who watch the chef's competition, the dessert competition, the product award and enjoy the food market, where Danish producers present exciting products and offer tastings. 

Chefs from some of the most renowned restaurants in Denmark compete for the title of winner of Sol over Gudhjem and the judging panel consists of Danish chefs who have achieved legendary status in the industry both nationally and internationally. 

Sol over Gudhjem is without a doubt a great experience if you are even the slightest bit interested in food. But it is also a fun experience even if cooking isn't really your thing. Then you can just enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and the buzzing life on the harbour instead. 

Read more about the chef's competition, Sol over Gudhjem, here


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