Allinge and Sandvig - one town

On the northern part of Bornholm, you'll find the twin-town, Allinge-Sandvig. The town is surrounded by the unique and crude nature that defines northern Bornholm, which, incidentally, creates lots of opportunities to explore the wilds - either in hiking boots, running shoes, or atop your bicycle.

Sandvig in the north is the smaller and more charming town of the two, if you ask us at least. Sandvig offers narrow, cozy streets with old, colourful half-timbered houses. Sauntering here really makes you dream of the old days. The harbour is as an extension of the beach and the boardwalk, where it's lively during summer.

Allinge is one of the towns on Bornholm that has had the most success in transforming it's harbour from an industrial place to a tourism focused locale. Havnegaden is filled with life and activity during summer: Restaurants, shops and, bars are open and live music can be heard from several places. On certain summer days the town really has that mediterranean holiday feeling.

Together, the two towns have around 1500 residents, but they are steadily growing and becoming a pulsating summer city every year, especially when Folkemødet comes to Bornholm. 

Allinge-Sandvig has been a popular destination even before Folkemødets started coming there, and the towns therefore have a great selection of accommodations, restaurants, and shops to offer.

Beaches in and near Allinge-Sandvig

Sandvig strand

Sandvig beach is surrounded by Sandvigs cozy little harbour on one side and the cliffs of Hammerknuden on the other side. The sand is soft and smooth, and the ocean floor is sandy for a long way out. You could walk into the water from the beach, or jump in off the cliffs or pier. Lifeguards are present during the summer months.

At the beach you have pretty much everything close by. You can get lunch in Sandvig, where you'll also find hotels, restaurants, shops, and public transportation.

There can be quite a strong current in the water, so be aware of that. There are markings and a perimeter where the current can be at it's strongest.


Just below Allinge Badehotel in the southern part of Allinge there is the pleasant Næs Strand. This is where most of the Allinge locals go when summer is in full effect and the sun shines the brightest. By the beach you will find a small pier that stretches out from the beach. The beach itself is one of the smaller ones but worth a visit all the same. The sand is a bit more rough here and there are also more rocks on the beach.

Næs is about 100 meters from Nordbornholms Røgeri. The perfect place to get lunch for your day at the beach. 

Find other great swimspots on Bornholm here.

Restauranter i Allinge-Sandvig


Gæstgiveren - also known just as 'Gæsten' - is a legendary live music venue on Bornholm. Some of the greatest danish artists perform here on the intimate backyard stage every summer. 'Gæsten' had a bunch of artists in 2021 including Lukas Graham, The Minds of 99, Peter Sommer, Phlake, and several others on their program.

Every evening in connection with the concerts, they serve a fantastic buffet with plenty of great salads and grilled meat. The buffet starts at 17.00, and the music starts playing at 20.00.

Your admission to the buffet can be purchased in a package with your concert ticket. It's a great way to make sure you get to watch one of the many artists that 'Gæsten' invites to perform.

Adress: Theaterstræde 2, Allinge


Nordbornholms Røgeri

Nordbornholms Røgeri is located right by the waterfront and cliffs in Allinge. In the shop, which you enter through one end of the building, you can purchase fish and shellfish as takeaway for lunch or dinner. The restaurant lies just around the corner.

This is where you can truly enjoy northern Bornholm's specialities or the large fish buffet, which is extremely popular amongst both the locals and the tourists. The buffet offers herring in all shapes and sizes, curry herring, marinated herring, smoked herring and pickled herring, among others. If you're not too keen on herring fill your plate with smoked eel or salmon, perhaps shellfish soup or shrimp salad instead. There are also alternatives for those who don't like fish at all.

Nordbornholms Røgeri is open from Easter and until October.

Adress: Kæmpestranden 2, Allinge



KALAS is not a dedicated restaurant nor café, but serves great coffee, fresh pastries, local beer, and drinks every day. From time to time, KALAS invites chefs to visit and cook for the guests in the outdoors kitchen. 

During summer, a local foodtruck swings by a couple of times a week and serve amazing street food. Another thing that's important to remember is to try KALAS' homemade ice cream, that you can read more about here.

KALAS' location is something we are especially fond of. beliggenhed er noget, vi er specielt vilde med. The building was originally an ice house, made to store ice for the local fishermen. Which is why the café is right by the sea. The owners have opened the place up so that you can step right out to a lovely wooden deck where you can overlook the baltic sea, and if you walk just 10 meters down, you have direct access to the cliffs. Which is probably the most amazing spot to have some lunch.

Adress: Strandpromenaden 14, Sandvig Havn

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