Sildefest and harbour bathing in Hasle

Hasle is one of the larger towns on Bornholm with a population of around 1,700. The town is located just 11 kilometers north of Rønne - just a quick 10 minute car ride or a 30 minute bike ride away! We prefer biking to Hasle from Rønne and really take in the beautiful and scenic route through Nordskoven and the town of Sorthat-Muleby. 

Despite its size, Hasle has an active and strong local community that supports the local sports club through thick and thin. Hasle also has its own school which creates a natural residential life in the small town - all year around. 

Hasle Marina

Hasle also has it's own harbour that got expanded upon in the year 2000. The harbour used to be just a smaller fishing port with a minor amount of industry. Nowadays the harbour is known as Hasle Marina and along with the new summerhouses that are built close to the harbour, you'll also find Hasle Havnebad (Hasle harbour bath); an amazing spot for swimming complete with its own jumping spot and sauna. The bath is especially popular among tourists during the summer months, while the locals enjoy it thoughout the entire year. 

If you walk south of the harbour you will find the area that is most lively during the summer. In the old red fishing huts at the far side of the pier you'll find pleasant cafés. The area also houses a beachvolleyball pitch and a great spot for a dip in the ocean. 

Continuing on from the harbour you will find Hasle Silderøgeri (smokehouse), Nordliv, and Hasle Familiecamping. The campsite has an outdoor pool which can be enjoyed by residents at the camping as well as paying visitors.

Sildefest in Hasle

The biggest event of the year in Hasle is the town fair named Sildefest, which translates to Herring party. The fair is arranged by the local sports club and is held on the second weekend of July in the harbour. Here you can find a small amusement park, live music, fireworks, lots of partying and a whole bunch more. Every years program is packed with activities and entertainment for all ages to enjoy. 

Some days of the fair are free to enjoy whilst others require an entry fee - normally around 30DKK per person. It is however free for children under the age of 13.

Read more about this years "Sildefest" in Hasle here.

Restaurants in Hasle

Hasle Røgeri

On the outskirts of Hasle, down by the water you'll find Hasle Røgeri in an open landscape. It's easy to get here with a bike aswell as a car, the area is especially family friendly with a playground just by the building.

Hasle Røgeri is one of the most visited smokehouses on Bornholm, and is our very own favorite on the west coast of Bornholm.

During your visit at the smokehouse you can buy delicious smoked foods to take home aswell as enjoy a meal in the restaurant. The restaurant serves a buffet with lots of fish, seafood and bornholmer specialties. You can also choose a dish from the menu. There's something for everybody at Hasle Røgeri.

The smokehouse is open from late march until late october.

Address: Søndre Bæk 20, Hasle


Kabyssen is a pleasant café and beachbar by the harbour. The café is located in one of the old red fishing huts at the end of the pier. Which makes for a great atmosphere - especially on a summers day.

Guests at Kabyssen can sink their teeth into freshly made sandwiches, burgers, other warm meals, and todays special, at great prices. 

If you feel the need for quick dip before or after your meal, but you don't feel like going in the ocean, you can jump in Kabyssens own hottub. 

Kabyssen is closed during the winter-half of the year and opens it's doors again when the new season begins.

Address: Vesthavnsvej 30, Hasle

Beaches and swimspots close to Hasle

Hasle Beach/Lystskoven

Hasle Beach, also known as Lystskoven is a great beach on the west coast of the island, just south of Hasle. The beach is long and wide with fine sand. If you're looking for a spot to enjoy the sunset, then Hasle Beach is a no-brainer and definetely worth a visit.

You can easily get here with a bike aswell as a car. There's plenty of parking available close by, at the north and the south end of the beach.

Hasle Havnebad

Hasle Havnebad is where you can go harbourswimming, it was made as an addition to Hasle Harbour and was opened in 2013.

Hasle Havnebad is made up of a platform, a hut with a sauna, a 15 meter long pool, and a childrens pool boasting about 17 m2. In other words, you can find just what you're looking for. Whether it's jumping off the platform, swimming a few laps, or if you brought along the smallest members of the family. 

Hasle Havnebad was created as a part of a project between, among others: Realdania and Bornholms Regional Municipality. The project, called Mulighedernes Land (The Land of Opportunities) was started to create a positive development in the danish outer regions in an attempt to strengthen the framework for habitation and tourism. 

Read more about Hasle Havnebad and the project Mulighedernes Land here.

Sleep tight in Hasle

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In Hasle you can stay at the towns only hotel, however just outside the town you'll find a nice hostel, a camping site, and a couple of vacationparks.

You can therefore find an accommodation that suits your own preferred way of going on vacation.

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