The sun was high in the sky and the waves were lapping gently against the rocks, whilst The Falcon Hotel sat almost majestically atop the grand white staircase that leads to the main entrance. Come with us inside and listen to owner and CEO, Mette Tiensuu, tell all about the ideas and ambitions behind the new hotel, and what you as a guest can expect from your next stay.

The Falcon Hotel: A boutique hotel in Sandvig

The Falcon Hotel got new ownership in 2020 when Mette Tiensuu and Martin Ramstrup took over, and in 2021 they reopened the old hotel's doors. Previously known as Hotel Sandvig. The hotel differs quite a bit from the others on Bornholm with it's characteristic interior style. Combined with a great location in Sandvig aswell as a lovely view, the Falcon Hotel is a spectacular and adventurous hotel.

Step inside and feel the atmosphere. Listen to Mette tell even more about The Falcon Hotel,
the ambitions and the adventure behind the hotel in the video below.

The joining of Karen Blixen and Indiana Jones

Mette and Martin have together created the unique Falcon Hotel. It came from a shared dream of an experience hotel. Where thoughts quickly wander to the african savannah, with warmth, a lovely colour palette, and interior design that feels like adventure.

Quote: We started talking about Karen Blixen and Indiana Jones, and what it would be like if the two had ever met and moved in together

”The dream of an experience hotel came from Martin's passion for hunting, not just the hunting, but the thrill and adventure behind the hunt. The journey out to nature, the meeting with other cultures, and spending time in a new culture. The whole adventure behind the journey is what we've brought to the hotel.” Mette tells us.

”We continued down that path and started talking about Karen Blixen and Indiana Jones, and what it would like if the two had met each other moved in together. Suddenly, Martin's hunting dissapeared slightly and instead the new universe that was The Falcon Hotel was born.”

A hotel filled with experiences

Since Mette and Martin took over the old hotel, it has gone through a real transformation. The hotel's outer appearance is one thing that hasn't been updated, but you shouldn't let that fool you.

We want to give people an experience. To let them connect with the adventure – regardless of whether it’s the journey, treating yourself, living out a dream, or crossing some boundaries


It's like entering a warm and exotic country, when stepping inside the door at The Falcon Hotel. Here you are met by warm colours on the walls, big, soft furniture, original wooden flooring, and an adventurous decor filled with trinkets and wild trophies. 

”What we want with this place is to give people an experience. That they connect with the adventure - even if it's a trip, treating yourself, living out a dream, or crossing some boundaries. And we actually feel like that happens here at the Falcon Hotel.”

The ambition of waking some kind of feeling in our guests is to be seen and felt all around the hotel. From the reception you are led into the heart of the hotel; The Savannah Lounge. Here you can relax after a long day with new experiences, with a view of the baltic sea and a drink to enjoy, or find a nice cozy place to read a book or play a game.

The coziness, the relaxed atmosphere, and the presence of mind is of the highest priority at The Falcon Hotel. The hotel is decorated with all four seasons in mind, so it is always a pleasant place to stay, no matter the weather. 

”We have made the hotel cozy and lovely, when the sun is shining and you want to go for a swim, but also when it's raining, is windy and cold outside." Mette tells us. 

”We've created small corners everywhere, where you can hide, sit and drink hot chocolate, read a book, play games with the whole family, or eat southern snacks. For the sunny summer days we have plenty of spots outside where the guests can sit in the sun with a drink."

The hotel's rooms are spread out through the area. In the first wing of the main building there are 7 rooms with views over the baltic sea or the hotel's own garden. In the hotel's garden house and guest house you reside in a bit more secluded environment, surrounded by cliffs, trees, and plants. All 35 rooms at the Falcon Hotel radiate warmth and coziness with it's soft pillows, heavyweight curtains, and unique style.

The Falcon Hotel set udefra med dramatisk himmel

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What is there to do in Allinge-Sandvig?

Northern Bornholm has an abundance of exciting possibilities in the shape of restaurants and experiences in nature - most of them within walking distance to the Falcon Hotel. 

Sandvig Harbour is just five minutes away from The Falcon Hotel and from here you can jump straight in the water from the dock, where there is an established spot for swimming. On the dock you'll also find a sauna that you can get a one-day ticket for in the municipality's machine, placed under the green slanting roof by the dock. 

From The Falcon Hotel you can easily get out to Hammerknuden – also known as Hammeren. Hammeren is a remarkable area in nature, that offers plenty of paths, sightseeing, and not least fresh air, peace and quiet. Here you can easily spend an entire day exploring Salomons Chapel, the Opal Lake, Hammershus, Hammerodde Fyr, Hammersøen, Hammeren Fyr, and Hammerhavnen. You can also start your day with just a short walk, or get the heart racing with a run.

Allinge-Sandvig also offers plenty of nice restaurants, cafés, and pleasant bars. We can especially recommend dinner at Nordandet, the fish buffet at Nordbornholms Røgeri, a beer at Ølstauan or homemade ice cream from KALAS. You can read more about Allinge-Sandvig in our guide.

We think, that it's nice to have a new addition to the hotel tribe on Bornholm. The Falcon Hotel is open from spring until late fall, so there's plenty of opportunity to experience the hotel and enjoy the rest of northern Bornholm.

Inspiration for your holiday on Bornholm

Explore the remarkable nature around Hammerknuden and Dueodde. Take a deep dive in culture and history with a visit at Hammershus and the canon placements, or taste the local produce at one of the island's many great restaurants. Maybe something completely different? Bornholm is packed with great experiences for all - no matter your interests, age, or activity level.

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