A charming trading town under development

With an inhabitant count of around 3700 people, Nexø is Bornholm's second largest town. Back in the 80's, the town was the island's centre point of fishing, when commercial fishing was at its peak. Today, Nexø is on a journey to finding itself again, and throughout the years, the town has developed into a welcoming trading town with plenty of options - not only for tourists during summer, but also for visitors, inhabitants, and proprietors all year round. 

Upon visiting Nexö, you will be able to get a sense of as well as perceive old traces of the former industrial harbour, which mostly housed fish factories in the olden days. However, the harbour is slowly going through a transformation, as new shops fill up the spaces; of which some keep the crude, industrial flair, while other places are renovated and adjusted, allowing smaller boutiques and proprietors to move in. 

Worth a visit all year round

With its own school, business community, and sports club, Nexø leads an active life, which makes the town an attractive travel destination all year round. You can deep dive into Nexø's and Bornholm's history at Nexø Museum and De Bornholmske Jernbaner Museum (The Bornholmer railroads Museum), or perhaps explore the town's shops and workshops around Købmagergade and Torvet as well as by the harbour. 

Nexø is also a destination to consider if you are on the lookout for superb food in wonderful environments. One of the top recommended restaurants, Molen, is found by Nexø harbour. Read more about the restaurant farther down on the site.

On the weekends leading up to Christmas, Nexø harbour is transformed into a true Christmas town, where you're invited to Bornholms Julemarked (Bornholm's Christmas market). Here you will be able to greet the many Bornholmer artisans, who showcases and sells their wares in small, decorated wooden stalls. Catch the scents, taste, and enjoy the countless locally produced wares, and, perhaps, bring something with you back home to sweeten the remainder of Christmas. 

Restaurants in Nexø

Nexø Gamle Røgeri

Nexø Gamle Røgeri has an extensive sortiment of different smoked goods. Aside from the smoked herring and salmon, we are quite fond of the smokehouse's mackerel. The mackerel are smoked whole, unlike in the other smokehouses on the island, which only smoke the fillets. Completely unique for Nexø Gamle Røgeri is that they also smoke other products beyond fish! Cheese, sausage, chicken, and ham are part of what's smoked and sold at the smokehouse.

You can either bring the smoked fish home with you for lunch or enjoy one of the lunches of the smokehouses large menu, sitting in their glazed cabin, where you'll have a view of the water. During summer it's especially nice to take a seat out on the big terrace, allowing the children to roam about the playgrounds right next to it.

Address: Stenbrudsvej 22, Nexø

Restaurant Molen

At the end of the pier in Nexø harbour, you can rejoice your taste buds with a visit to Restaurant Molen. Eat a sublime lunch whilst taking in the spectacular view of the Baltic Sea. The lunch menu varies on a day to day basis, but you'll often be able to choose between hot or cold dishes, smørrebrød, and something sweet for dessert. The food is inspired by the Bornholmer kitchen, with delicious, seasonal ingredients and fresh fish. What more could you ask for? 

The restaurant is located on the first floor, while the lower floor offers a cozy wine bar where you can quench your thirst and satiate your hunger. The restaurant is also worth a visit in the evening; then you'll find a seasonal menu that changes monthly. 

Address: Havnen 6, Nexø


If, instead, you are in the mood for a more straightforward - but still flavoursome - alternative, visit the Asian restaurant R60. R60 is also located by the harbour, and accompanying your meal is a peaceful view of the water. 

At R60 you can get delicious, fresh Asian food and, in most cases, you can choose your source of protein for each dish - regardless of preferring fish, shellfish, meat, or vegetarian. 

Address: Sdr. Hammer 31, Nexø

A good night's sleep in Nexø

Find and book your next stay in or near Nexø.

You will find most accommodation options close to and around Nexø, and but few inside the town itself.

A couple of kilometers south of Nexø are Balka and Snogebæk, where you can find many lovely places to spend your holiday. The scenery is beautiful and beaches as well as forests will be right on your doorstep. 

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Shops in Nexø

Nexø Herremagasin

Nexø Herremagasin has remained on the same spot for almost a hundred years. However, in 2019 the store got a new owner, who has renovated it and put new brands on the shelves. Having said that, he has kept one of the most important things that make the shopping experience at Nexø Herremagasin unique: The splendid service. 

Just like the name would suggest, the store is a purveyor of men's clothing - for those looking for the casual attire as well as for those who have lost their tie right before the big wedding. There's something for every man in Nexø Herremagasin, and therefore we are quite enthusiastic about the place.

Address: Købmagergade 1, Nexø


Whereas Nexø Herremagasin is for the modern man, Achtung specializes more in the young - and those young in spirit. 

Achtung is part of Gutemensh, which is based in Rønne. Over time, the store in Rønne has expanded and introduced more women's clothing, and here they also sell the more classic things.

Achtung manages - uniquely - to attract brands and collections that are presented in pretty few stores throughout Denmark and Europe. Therefore, you can always expect to see a touch of the exceptional in the forward-thinking store by the harbour of Nexø.

Address: Nordre Strandvej 4, Nexø