Pack your backpack for a hiking trip on Bornholm

Are you about to embark on a hiking holiday on Bornholm - perhaps even for the very first time? Then it might be a little difficult to figure out what clothing and equipment to bring. Because you don't want to pack too much or too little - every gram in the backpack counts. 

To make it all a little easier and more manageable for you, we have put together a packing list with suggestions for what is nice to bring and what you can safely cross off your packing list for your upcoming hiking holiday on Bornholm.

Hiking holiday on Bornholm: Packing list

  • Outer layer: Light shell jacket that can withstand wind and rain.
  • Middle layer: For example a puff jacket or a merino cardigan with a zip that can be zippet all the way down/up. Consider a model without a hood so it doesn't gets annoying underneath your backpack. 
  • Inner layer: Thin merino, e.g. a tank top, t-shirt or a long-sleeved t-shirt. Bring 2-3 inner layers including what you're wearing so you have the opportunity to change. Wool is generally a great material to have on your packing list for a hiking holiday on Bornholm - read more about wool here.
  • Pants: Look for outdoor pants that can keep the wind out and have pockets for small items. 
  • Thermal underwear: Just really nice to have a set to lounge around in after a day of hiking. 
  • Outdoor shirt: An ultralight and breathable shirt is both comfortable to hike in and nice to have, if you're going out for dinner in the evening.
  • Shorts or/and a skirt: Hiking can get hot. For the warm days it might be nice to hike in shorts or a skirt. Outdoor shorts often have really great pockets. If you like skirts, you can also get these in outdoor versions and with inner shorts.
  • Hiking socks in merino: Bring two to three pairs. Cotton socks are a no-go on a packing list for a hiking holiday. They aren't suitable for hiking as you risk getting blisters from the material rubbing against your shoes. Merino socks are a way better bet - remember they come in both thick and thin versions, so adapt your packing list to the time of year for your hiking holiday.
  • Underwear: Two to three pairs - remember, you can wash your clothing along the way.
  • Sports bra: Find one in merino wool. Regular bras are not great to have on your packing list for a hiking holiday, as you risk chafing straps while hiking with a backpack. 
  • Thin merino gloves: The mornings can get cold in spring and autumn.
  • Medium-thick woolen underwear: Use it as pyjamas. 
  • Footwear for hiking: See our footwear tips for your packing list here.
  • Everyday footwear: It's super nice to be able to change foorwear after a long day of hiking. We suggest Birkenstocks classic Arizona sandals which now come in a light weight model and are suitable for both your morning swim and for going out to dinner.
  • Headband or beanie: It can get pretty windy on Kyststien on Bornholm, even in the summer months.
  • Neck gaiter: Great to protect your neck from the wind. 
  • Swimwear: Nice to have with you along the coast on Bornholm, where there are many great places for a swim. 
  • Bath towel: For example, a hammam towel that is light and dries super quickly. 
  • Backpack and daypack: See our backpack tips for your packing list here.
  • Backpack rain cover: A must have on your packing list for a hiking holiday! With a rain cover for your backpack you can feel safe, even if you encounter a shower on your trip.
  • Sit pad: If you find a nice spot along Kyststien (which you absolutely will) it's nice to be able to sit down without getting cold. The sit pad ways next to nothing and provides lots of comfort.
  • Sunshade, sun hat or sunglasses: Bornholm can get really sunny!
  • Sunscreen: Make sure you protect yourself from the rays.
  • Water bottle or drinking system: It's important to stay hydrated on your hiking trip.
  • Food container: It might be nice to have a container for some of the many bornholmer temptations you will find along your way.
  • Toiletries: Travel sizes are a great idea, so your backpack doesn't get too heavy. Remember to bring something to prevent blisters, e.g. a roll of Leukoplast tape. Foot cream is also a good idea - if you have dry feet or calluses, you increase the risk of getting blisters. 
  • Hiking poles: With many kilometers ahead of you on Kyststien on Bornholm, you will be happy to have hiking sticks on your packing list. They significantly relieve both knees, hips and geet and give you better balance and more energy on your hike. Remember an extra pair of rubber dabs in case you lose one along the way.
  • Phone, charger and power bank: Especially if you use your phone to take pictures or video, then it might be nice with extra power. 

How to save weight on your hiking holiday packing list

If you read several different packing lists for a hiking holiday, you can quickly end up grabbing a bit from all of them. And then your packing list might get a little too long and heavy. And as stated before, every single gram counts in your backpack; the more you bring, the more you have to carry.

For this reason, we have a few suggestions to what not to add to your hiking holiday packing list:

  • A set of clean clothes for every day: Your packing list will be long and your backpack heavy if you bring seven pairs of hiking socks and seven tops for a 7-days hiking trip. Remember that several accommodations along your route have the option of washing and drying clothes. 
  • Shell pants/rain proof pants: Many hikers decide to leave their rain pants at home. Unless it's really cold, many people hike in short pants in rainy weather - then the long trousers are dry in your backpack for when you arrive at your next destination. 
  • Folding chair: There are plenty of table-bench sets along Kyststien on Bornholm. A folding chair is just going to be dead weight, so you can without worries leave it at home. 
  • Extra hiking footwear: Choose footwear you have walking in and are comfortable with, and you won't need an extra pair.
  • Cookware: There are so many lovely cafés along Kyststien on Bornholm.
  • Camera: If you have a newer smartphone, it can without a double handle most situations.

Wool: Worth its weight in gold on your hiking holiday packing list

If you think all wool is itchy against the skin, then go visit your local outdoor shop. You will be pleasantly surprised. It super soft merino wool has become extremely popular for hikers and is a must to add to your hiking holiday packing list. 

Merino wool is significantly better suited for a hiking holiday than for example sportswear because you can keep warm in it much more easily when taking breaks. Wool has the great quality that it adapts to your body temperature: Warms you when you're cold, and cools you when you're sweating. 


Packing list: Hiking boots or hiking shoes?

You will need proper footwear for your hiking holiday on Bornholm. Choose solid footwear with good shock absorption - this can be trail shoes, running shoes, hiking boots or trekking sandals. 

Kyststien on Bornholm consists of forest paths, cliffs, sand and some asphalt. Make sure you've worn your hiking footwear well before your next hiking holiday, so you are confident that they will work for you. Remember that your feet will swell when you hike, so your hiking footwear should be about one size larger than your regular shoe size. If you wear your regular shoe size in hiking shoes, you run the risk of getting blisters.

Packing list: Guide for your hiking backpack

  • Backpack: A 30-45 liters backpack is a good fit for a hiking holiday on Bornholm. Remember to get competent advice in a store to find a backpack that suits you and your body before investing in a backpack.
  • Daypack: If you choose to use the option of luggage transportation on your hiking holiday on Bornholm, you will need a daypack. A 15-20 liters daypack is a great choice. Then you have room for everything you need during your hike - e.g. an extra layer of clothing, shell jacket, water bottle, packed lunch, sit pad, swimwear and so on. Remember that even though a daypack is fairly small, it's crucial that it fits you and your back well as you still have many kilometers to hike. 


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