Time for meetings on Bornholm?

Are you about to hold a conference and are on the look-out for exciting scenery that inspire and can get the thought process going? In that case Bornholm is the perfect choice.


Most people attribute Bornholm to summer, sun, and holidays. But the island also offers plenty of places for meetings that will ease conversations and ideas between you and your colleagues. And when it calls for a recess in the schedule, the remarkable scenery and creative souls are ready to help you explore the very best of Borhnolm - from ceramics and gastronomy to wild experiences in nature or local history. 

Are you considering holding a conference on Bornholm? We can help you plan all, or part, of your travels. Find inspiration and read more about what we can help you with on this page.


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Tag på konference på Bornholm og bliv inspireret af nye omgivelser og fede oplevelser

Unique conference venues on Bornholm

There are a lot of beautiful hotels on Bornholm with conference facilities in all forms. We are collaborating with a collection of selected venues that are unique in their own rights and can accommodate larger as well as smaller groups.

The venues we collaborate with vary in milieu and characterization. Therefore we can offer conference venues for basically every kind of meeting; whether small and intimate or spacious with a high ceiling -  or perhaps a completely different setting that you've never tried before.

For example hold a conference in a tipi tent in the woods or at the local food culture hall. We can also help you find more conventional conference venues; both big and modern with room for great numbers of participants, or smaller, rustic venues where you can get close to one another. Some of the hotels specialize in conferences and have a wide array of Audio Visual Equipment for your disposal, while the atmosphere at other venues might be more laid back and creative. However, all venues can at the minimum offer the essential equipment for conferences.

Wherever and however you choose to hold your conference, you will always be in good hands, with the inspiring nature right outside the doorstep.

Brug naturen til jeres næste konference på Bornholm

Experience Bornholm on your conference

It can be incredibly rewarding for both the participants and the outcome of the conference as a whole to have an intermission, to interchange the professional with fun and exciting activities that grant energy and new ideas for the body and mind. And there are plenty of activities to try on Bornholm, both inside and outside; whether it's about being active, creative or something inbetween is up to you.

Explore, among other things, the Bornholmer nature with a guided gathering-tour, where you pick wild herbs to later use in a cooking class. You can challenge yourselves by  rappelling down steep cliffsides, learn how to do pottery or shake delicious cocktails. Perhaps the temperatment calls for a village hike, a guided bus tour, or a bicycle trip around the landscape? 

Whatever you prefer, we can without a doubt find something for you to do. We have a long line of excellent business partners on the island, who offer exciting activities for bigger as well as smaller groups.

Bornholmslinjen i aftensol

To, from, and around Bornholm

We can gladly help you with your whole trip to Bornholm, around the island and back again. Of course, this is equally as true if you're only in need of transport for parts of the trip - we are here to help.

We are collaborating with Bornholmslinjen, who sails between Ystad and Rønne, and we can help you book your ferry tickets. The ferry has multiple daily departures both to and from the island, making it easy to coincide the travelling with your schedule.

Furthermore, we are in contact with local bus companies who can take you from Rønne to your hotel and beyond into the Bornholmer landscape. We can also help you book a bus that will transport you from your place of departure to the ferry in Ystad.

Tell us what you need and we will assist you.

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We help you plan your conference

Are you holding your next conference on Bornholm?

We can help you book everything from conference venues, accommodation, transport, and activities for your conference on Bornholm. 

We are in collaboration with a fine selection of activities and unique hotels with good venues on Bornholm. Together we are at the ready to help you plan a tailored conference experience that fits your needs and passions.

Contact us for a non-binding chat.

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