Where to get the best ice cream on Bornholm?

Once the Danish summer reaches its height and the sun is blaring down on Sunshine Island, ice cream is expected. During summer ice cream can cool down even the most active family for a short moment. But if you were to ask us, ice cream is delicious all year round, and on Bornholm you can get your hands on it everywhere. Soft-served, scooped, popsicles - whatever your ice-screaming heart desires. 

But the question remains: where on Bornholm do you find the best ice cream? We have a few prospects. See for yourself if they're any good. 

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Gudhjem Special

All the way down by the docks in Gudhjem you'll find the ice cream shop Gudhjem Special. The shop is especially known for it's size and the size of the ice creams you can get here. It's definetely worth a visit as you will without a doubt get the biggest ice cream on the island, from here.

The Krølle Bølle-sign outside the shop is what gets a the older generations to visit. The younger ones are after the 'Apollo 13', which is the biggest ice cream on the market. It's made up of one and a half liters of ice cream and a bunch of sprinkles and sauce. It measures no less than one and a half meter. The record for eating an Apollo 13 the fastest is at 3 minutes and 41 seconds, could you beat that?s

You can of course just enjoy a regular sized ice cream, if you don't feel like taking on the Apollo 13. Flavours vary from day to day, so you're always going to find something for every taste at Gudhjem Special.

Adress: Ejnar Mikkelsensvej 26, Gudhjem

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Bornholms Ismejeri

One of our favourites through many years. Bornholms Ismejeri was previously Svaneke Is. Because of some disagreements, the founders behind Svaneke Is chose to leave the project and start over, to create their own great ice cream shop. 

The shop is the same, the people are the same, and the amazing flavour and quality is the same. The ice cream is made from bornholmer cream and gets it's flavour from berries and fruit from the island. You can get then classic flavours, but Bornholms Ismejeri is especially known for experimenting with consistencies, ingredients, and flavour experiences. Which is why it's always exciting to see what they've got available.

Grab an ice cream and head out to Svaneke Torv or down to the harbour. You can also enjoy your ice cream in the shop's own backyard.

Adress: Postgade 3a og Svaneke Torv 3, Svaneke

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Sandvig IS Kalas is one of the latest additions to the great ice cream spots on Bornholm. Behind the ice cream café there is a family of five, who make the ice cream themselves. Their ice cream is made from organic bornholmer whole milk aswell as local berries and fruits. You can dig your teeth into the classic tastes, or try something completely different, perhaps ice cream with cucumber, carrot, or maybe grilled peppers? 

The ice cream shop's location is something we are crazy about. The building was originally an ice house, made to store ice for the local fishermen. Which is why the café is right by the sea. The owners have opened the place up so that you can step right out to a lovely wooden deck where you can overlook the baltic sea, and if you walk just 10 meters down, you have direct access to the cliffs. Which is probably the most amazing spot to have some ice cream. 

Adress: Strandpromenaden 14, Allinge (Sandvig Havn)

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