Hasle Hytteby - Hasle Cottage Center

Hasle Cottage Center, in the middle of the woods. 400 metres to a sandy beach.
Small, cosy holiday chalets sleeping 2 to 4, situated in connection with Hasle Feriepark. All chalets were refurbished in 2007 and have an attractive appearance. Showers and toilets in a common facilities building. Swimming pool with wading pool, bouncy cushions and playing area, as well as a minigolf course at the holiday centre.
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Hasle Cottage Centre consists of 40 cosy cottages (14 m²), which were renovated during 2006-2007. Each cottage features: Sleeping accommodation for four, kitchenette, refrigerator and a dining alcove. Sliding doors enable you to split the cottage into two rooms, each with its own entrance. There is a fully equipped kitchen in the centre building, as well as bathrooms and toilets.
Hasle has one of Bornholm´s best beaches wich remarkable enough is one of the beaches with the fewest visitors. It is only in the last couple of years, that the tourists have noticed Hasle as a holiday destination. Beside beeing an impressive city with a beautiful beach, the city also offers art exhibitions and a herring smoke house. The herring smoke house is a "living museum" that showes the devellopment of herring smoking through times.
Lots of activities for you and your family. New playmates for your children. They'll have fun at the playground or the swimming pool. The BMX cycling track has speeding thrills for all ages.

Allmost all holiday homes in Hasle Cottage Center is non-smoking houses. If you want a "smoker house", please let us know in connection with your order.

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