Family holiday on Bornholm

Bornholm is a lovely destination if you're going with children. With it's wide beaches, magnificent cliffs, and adventurous forests: Bornholm's nature invites you for a whole lot of activities, for the entire family. 

On the island you will find a unique holiday spirit with a fun tempo, the weather on Bornholm is defined by it's many hours of sunshine that can be enjoyed in several different ways. Whether you prefer a high paced and active holiday, or if you value relaxation the most. Bornholm is the perfect place for you.

On this page you'll find the places and experiences that we think are especially great for a family holiday. We highly value family friendly facilities and activities for both old and young. Don't forget to read our tips and guides for your family holiday on Bornholm.

Family friendly accommodation

How would you like to spend your holiday?

Some families enjoy having their own place with a living room and a kitchen, so that they can cook their meals themselves. Others would rather leave the cooking to somebody else and use all their time to explore the island. 

We have gathered a selection of accommodations that we find to be the best for families with younger- and, or older children. 

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Lille pige fodrer græs til æsler


An abundance of experiences for the entire family awaits you at Brændegårdshaven.

Brændegårdshaven is a large amusement park, complete with a playground section, waterpark, and zoo. If you're looking for something to take your breath away, a waterpark for the kids to play in, or look at exciting animals, then we can definetely recommend spending a day at Brændegårdshaven.

The many activities are surrounded by the most beautiful gardens, that is free to explore. Here you can, among other things: row a boat, play minigolf, watch a magic show, and go on a zipline.

You can have lunch in the cafeteria or bring your own food, that you can enjoy on the grass or on the many picnic tables around the gardens.

All of the rides, aswell as admission to the waterpark, and zoo are free to enjoy after the initial entrance fee has been paid. 

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Activities for old and young

What do you want to do?

Bornholm offers a ton of free activities and experiences for the whole family to enjoy. You can, for example: go see european bisons at Almindingen, try to push Rokkestenen, or explore the fortress ruin of Hammershus.

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Bornholmslinjen ved kaj

How to get to Bornholm

It's easy to get to Bornholm, and you can get here in several different ways.

The most popular way of travel to Bornholm, and the one we recommend - is with Bornholmslinjen, a ferry that goes between Ystad and Rønne multiple times every day. The ferry is also known as "Bornholmerfærgen", like it used to be called. These days the trip has become really fast and only takes about 80 minutes.

You can easily get to Ystad via car, train, or bus. Bornholmerbussen has departures from Copenhagen that are scheduled to be right on time, for most departures. 

Find more information about your trip to Bornholm and book your bus- and/or ferryticket right away. 

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