Couples holiday on Bornholm

Pull the plug on your everyday-life and leave it be for now. On your trip to Bornholm you can enjoy peace, nature, and each other in just the way you prefer.

Some use their trip together to explore the island, be active and experience new things. Others come here to relax and spoil each other in romantic settings. Regardless of which way you want to spend your trip, you can look forward to a wonderful time together on Bornholm. 

On this page we've gathered the accommodations and experiences that best suit a couples vacation. Explore, find your favorites, and book new memories now.

A room for two

Just looking for a place to spend your nights, or will your entire trip be spent at the hotel?

We've handpicked a selection of accommodations that we find to be perfect for a couples holiday. 

Some have modest rooms that you can use as a base of operations whilst exploring the island, others offer a range of amenities and pleasant experiences, so that you can spend all your time enjoying each other's company.

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Par holder om hinanden og kigger ud over vandet

Be active, cultural, or just relax

Bornholm offers a wide range of experiences, and there are plenty of possibilities to enjoy one another - whether you want to be active, cultural, or just completely relax. Among other things, you can:

  • Go for a walk along the coast on "kyststien", where you can enjoy the peace of nature and the cozy villages.

  • Soar 48 meters above the Opal lake on a 290 meter long zipline.

  • Visit the island's four "rundkirke" churches. Found in Østerlars, Olsker, Nylars, and Nyker.

  • Explore Bornholm related art at Bornholm's Kunstmuseum.

  • Have a culinary experience out of the ordinary at one of Bornholm's many restaurants and lunch spots.

Bornholmslinjen ved kaj

How to get to Bornholm

It's easy to get to Bornholm, and you can get here in several different ways.

The most popular way of travel to Bornholm, and the one we recommend, is with Bornholmslinjen, a ferry that goes between Ystad and Rønne multiple times every day. The ferry is also known as "Bornholmerfærgen", like it used to be called. These days the trip has become really fast and only takes about 80 minutes.

You can easily get to Ystad via car or bus. Bornholmerbussen has departures from Copenhagen that are scheduled to always be right on time for the ferry departures to and from Bornholm.

Find more information about how to get to Bornholm and book your ferry ticket right away. 

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